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authorBrian Dolbec <dolsen@gentoo.org>2014-12-25 20:57:35 -0800
committerBrian Dolbec <dolsen@gentoo.org>2014-12-25 20:57:35 -0800
commit275d9ae9a8265df5c3b9d1d1a76902267aa4a9d5 (patch)
treee4a7abd062a1cd9fe85e0156a9e916bd1a794d60 /gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf.sample
parentgkeys/base.py: Fix >=py3.3 argparse regression handling subparsers (diff)
gkeys: Update fetchseed, verify actions to work with the new category system
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diff --git a/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf.sample b/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf.sample
index 3c79243..d9a42c0 100644
--- a/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf.sample
+++ b/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf.sample
@@ -20,6 +20,11 @@ gkeysdir: /var/lib/gentoo/gkeys
keyring: %(gkeysdir)s/keyrings
+# The default keyring to use
+# for verification if not specified
+verify-keyring: gentoo
# Base directory to use as the path prefix to use
# for the signing capable keyrings, keyring settings
# eg: '/' for root if absolute paths are used for homedir, keyring
@@ -48,8 +53,12 @@ files: 0o002
-# *-seedfile: json txt file of name, keyid, fingerprint
-# entry per line
+# file is a json text file of: nick, name, keydir, fingerprint
+# one file per line
+# category = category or seedfile name
+# these categories/seedfile nmaes are used for the
+# -C, --category input value validations
+# eg: category: filepath
gentoo: %(seedsdir)s/gentoo.seeds
gentoo-devs: %(seedsdir)s/gentoo-devs.seeds
@@ -62,6 +71,15 @@ gentoo: https://api.gentoo.org/gentoo-keys/seeds/gentoo.seeds
gentoo-devs: https://api.gentoo.org/gentoo-keys/seeds/gentoo-devs.seeds
+# mapping of the seedfile category name
+# to the category-name and gpg-key keydir to use to verify the seedfile
+# seedfile-name: category keydir
+gentoo: gentoo gkeys
+gentoo-devs: gentoo gkeys
# GKEY nick used for verification of seeds and other gkey files