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authoraeroniero33 <justthisthing@gmail.com>2016-08-27 14:04:09 +0000
committerBrian Dolbec <dolsen@gentoo.org>2018-07-06 22:22:07 -0700
commitbfcd4590e61d092fb2fc71a7f43885384f496ab5 (patch)
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parentgkeys actions: Migrate self.category setting to _set_category() (diff)
Created email.conf and setup the config files needed for the email reminders
Added a template_path and a commented days limit value in `gkeys.conf`. Added a 30 default value for the days limit in `config.py`. I also added another config file called `email.conf` that includes the 2 templates for email users' credentials and a preferred address ending with the default being `@gentoo` which if enabled will only send emails to these addresses.
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diff --git a/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf b/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf
index e9eb820..392df74 100644
--- a/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf
+++ b/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf
@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@
# keyserver: server to use to obtain the keys from
keyserver: pool.sks-keyservers.net
+#Days limit for keys nearing expiry
+#days_limit = 30
# gkeysdir: Base directory to use as the path prefix to use
# for the gkey directories, keyring settings
@@ -24,6 +26,8 @@ gkeysdir: /var/lib/gentoo/gkeys
# user gkey directory
user-dir = %(homedir)s/gkeys-user
+#Template directory
+template_path = /usr/share/gkeys/templates
# base keyring dir
keyring: %(gkeysdir)s/keyrings