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committerBrian Dolbec <dolsen@gentoo.org>2014-12-31 18:39:52 -0800
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parentgkeygen/actions.py: Py 3 fixes (diff)
gkeys/actions.py: Update docstrings and action options
This in preparation for man pages during wiki help page editing.
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diff --git a/gkeys/gkeys/actions.py b/gkeys/gkeys/actions.py
index 7682dd2..178d16d 100644
--- a/gkeys/gkeys/actions.py
+++ b/gkeys/gkeys/actions.py
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Action_Options = {
'add-seed': ['nick', 'name', 'keydir', 'keys', 'fingerprint', 'category', 'uid'],
'remove-seed': ['nick', 'name', 'keydir', 'keys', 'fingerprint', 'category'],
'move-seed': ['nick', 'name', 'keydir', 'keys', 'fingerprint', 'category', 'dest'],
- 'fetch-seed': ['nick', 'name', 'keydir', 'keys', 'fingerprint', 'category', 'keyring'],
+ 'fetch-seed': ['nick', '1file', 'category', 'dest', 'signature', 'timestamp'],
'list-seedfiles': [],
'list-key': ['nick', 'name', 'keydir', 'keys', 'fingerprint', 'category', 'keyring', 'gpgsearch', 'keyid'],
'install-key': ['nick', 'name', 'keydir', 'keys', 'fingerprint', 'category', 'keyring', '1file'],
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ Action_Options = {
'search-key': ['nick', '1name', 'keydir', 'keys', 'fingerprint', 'keyid', 'uid', 'category', 'exact', 'all'],
'verify': ['dest', 'nick', 'name', 'keydir', 'keys', 'fingerprint', 'category', '1file', 'signature', 'timestamp'],
'check-key': ['nick', 'name', 'keydir', 'keys', 'fingerprint', 'category', 'keyring', 'keyid'],
- 'sign': ['nick', 'name', 'keydir', 'fingerprint', 'file', 'keyring'],
+ 'sign': ['nick', 'name', 'fingerprint', 'file', ],
'spec-check': ['nick', 'name', 'keydir', 'keys', 'fingerprint', 'category', 'keyring', 'keyid'],
'refresh-key': ['nick', 'name', 'keydir', 'keys', 'fingerprint', 'category', 'keyring', 'keyid'],
'---general---': [],
@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ class Actions(object):
def removeseed(self, args):
- '''Remove a key from the selected seed file(s)'''
+ '''Remove a seed from the selected seed file'''
gkeys = self.listseed(args)[1]
if not gkeys:
return (False, ["Failed to remove seed: No gkeys returned from listseed()",
@@ -365,7 +365,9 @@ class Actions(object):
def checkkey(self, args):
- '''Check keys actions'''
+ '''Check keys actions
+ Performs basic validity checks on the key(s), checks expiry,
+ and presence of a signing sub-key'''
if not args.category:
return (False, ["Please specify seeds category."])
self.logger.debug("ACTIONS: checkkey; args: %s" % str(args))
@@ -413,7 +415,7 @@ class Actions(object):
def speccheck(self, args):
- '''Check keys actions'''
+ '''Check if keys meet specifications requirements'''
if not args.category:
return (False, ["Please specify seeds category."])
self.logger.debug("ACTIONS: speccheck; args: %s" % str(args))
@@ -660,9 +662,13 @@ class Actions(object):
def verify(self, args, messages=None):
- '''File verification action
+ '''File verification action.
+ Note: If the specified key/keyring to verify against does not contain
+ the key used to sign the file. It will Auto-search for the correct key
+ in the installed keys db. And verify against the matching key.'''
- @ param args: argparse.parse_args instance
+ '''
+ @param args: argparse.parse_args instance
@param messages: list, private internal option used for recursion only
if messages == None:
@@ -877,7 +883,7 @@ class Actions(object):
def key_search(self, args, data_only=False):
- '''Search for a key's seed field in the installed keys db'''
+ '''Search for a key's seed in the installed keys db'''
handler = SeedHandler(self.logger, self.config)
results = {}
search_args = [x for x in