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authorBrian Dolbec <dolsen@gentoo.org>2015-01-01 13:15:21 -0800
committerBrian Dolbec <dolsen@gentoo.org>2015-01-01 13:15:21 -0800
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parentgkeys-gen/etc/gkeys-gen.conf: Updates, add a second spec (diff)
gkeys: update gkeys.conf
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diff --git a/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf b/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf
index d9a42c0..e30d804 100644
--- a/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf
+++ b/gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf
@@ -15,30 +15,38 @@ keyserver: pool.sks-keyservers.net
gkeysdir: /var/lib/gentoo/gkeys
-# keyring: The directory where the official keyring with the specified keys
-# will be exported.
+# default user home directory
+homedir: ~
+# user gkey directory
+user-dir = %(homedir)s/gkeys-user
+# base keyring dir
keyring: %(gkeysdir)s/keyrings
-# The default keyring to use
+# The default keyring, nick to use
# for verification if not specified
verify-keyring: gentoo
+verify-nick: gkeys
# Base directory to use as the path prefix to use
# for the signing capable keyrings, keyring settings
# eg: '/' for root if absolute paths are used for homedir, keyring
# eg: %(gkeysdir)s if using relative paths
-sign-keydir: %(gkeysdir)s/sign
+sign-keydir: %(keyring)s/sign
-# seedsdir: The directory for all seed files
+# seedsdir: base directory for all seed files
# used when searching all seed files.
seedsdir: %(gkeysdir)s/seeds
# logfile directory
-logdir: /var/log/gkeys
+logdir: %(gkeysdir)s/logs
@@ -48,7 +56,7 @@ logdir: /var/log/gkeys
directories: 0o775
#umask setting (octal)
-files: 0o002
+files: 0o022
@@ -62,14 +70,24 @@ files: 0o002
gentoo: %(seedsdir)s/gentoo.seeds
gentoo-devs: %(seedsdir)s/gentoo-devs.seeds
+# Add sign here for ability to choose as a category
+# but leave the value blank to prevent accidental changes
+# this subdir directory is where you would copy your gpghome directories to
+# after creating your key with gkey-gen. Name them the same as the nick you use.
# Use the filenames as the keys.
# The will be paired to the seed file of the same name for fetching, updating
+# category = category or seedfile name
+# eg: category: url
gentoo: https://api.gentoo.org/gentoo-keys/seeds/gentoo.seeds
gentoo-devs: https://api.gentoo.org/gentoo-keys/seeds/gentoo-devs.seeds
@@ -79,24 +97,22 @@ gentoo-devs: https://api.gentoo.org/gentoo-keys/seeds/gentoo-devs.seeds
gentoo: gentoo gkeys
gentoo-devs: gentoo gkeys
# GKEY nick used for verification of seeds and other gkey files
-#nick = foo
+nick =
# The home or key directory to use for signing files
-#keydir: foo
# keyring to use if not the default
-# keyring: bar
# The key fingerprint to use for signing
-# key: 0x01234567891012345
# the gpg signature option to use for signing
-# type: detach-sign
+type: detach-sign