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* Don't match package names in /var/db/pkg that begin with a '-'. Thisgentoolkit-0.2.4fuzzyray2010-09-231-36/+44
* Restore follow symlinks option to find /var/db/pkg command. Make print statem...fuzzyray2010-04-281-5/+5
* Remove unused virtuals assignment. Causes deprecation warnings in latest por...fuzzyray2010-04-121-1/+0
* Update epkginfo to latest version prior to deprecating in gentoolkit-0.3.0gentoolkit-
* Fix VERSION string caused by previous patchingfuzzyray2010-03-011-1/+1
* Fix missing quotation markfuzzyray2010-03-011-1/+1
* Fix extended regular expression support in revdep-rebuildfuzzyray2010-03-011-3/+3
* Backport revdep-rebuild from trunk for all recent fixes. Bugs included in thi...gentoolkit-
* Update revdep-rebuild to use extended regular expressions instead of basic re...fuzzyray2010-02-052-2/+6
* Fix revdep-rebuild to parse include statements in /etc/ld.so.conf (Bug 298651...fuzzyray2010-02-042-2/+25
* Fix revdep-rebuild to properly honor PORTAGE_NICENESS as an incremental to th...fuzzyray2009-12-172-2/+9
* Don't create /usr/sbin at install time, since we no longer put files there. (...fuzzyray2009-07-271-1/+0
* Some python tweaks to speed glsa-checkgentoolkit-
* Handle unicode encoding when dumping to stdout and start migration to using S...fuzzyray2009-05-202-21/+35
* Update revdep-rebuild man pagefuzzyray2009-05-181-1/+1
* Add patch from Robert Buchholz: Add quiet optiongentoolkit-
* Add patch from Robert Buchholz: Call CAN ids CVE ids as there is no different...fuzzyray2009-05-072-2/+2
* Add patch from Robert Buchholz: Sort glsa list output.fuzzyray2009-05-071-0/+1
* Add patch from Robert Buchholz: Use summarylist() to format output so we get ...fuzzyray2009-05-071-5/+5
* Add patch from Robert Buchholz:fuzzyray2009-05-071-3/+24
* Add patch from Robert Buchholz: Reformat '2008-01-01' dates to 'January 01, 2...fuzzyray2009-05-071-1/+29
* Add patch from Robert Buchholz: Allow GLSA 2 DTD in doctype declarationfuzzyray2009-05-071-1/+5
* Add patch from Robert Buchholz: Respect count attribute in GLSA-2, based on a...fuzzyray2009-05-071-2/+18
* Add patch from antarus: Run pychecker over everything, fix obvious things lik...fuzzyray2009-05-071-3/+0
* Revert EPREFIX patch commited in rev 610fuzzyray2009-05-062-6/+0
* Add patch from MATSUI Tetsushi to have eclean take EPREFIX into account for d...fuzzyray2009-05-062-0/+6
* Add patch from kojiro to remove permission check on temporary directory. (Bug...fuzzyray2009-05-051-8/+1
* Merge changes from trunk in prep for making trunk ready for version 0.3fuzzyray2009-05-0513-233/+319
| * Add some useful informations when using $EDITOR.idl0r2009-05-051-3/+43
| * Added test targets for echangelog.idl0r2009-05-052-1/+7
| * Warn if $vcs has not been found. Minor cleanup.idl0r2009-05-051-26/+12
| * Remove genpkgindex and gensync from distributionfuzzyray2009-05-051-3/+3
| * Remove echangelog.pod, we will maintain the man page directlyfuzzyray2009-05-051-136/+0
| * Add test subdirectory to echanglogfuzzyray2009-05-051-7/+4
| * Add patch from kojiro to clean binary package metadata (Bug #266996 and to cl...fuzzyray2009-05-051-12/+43
| * Add patch from kojiro to support keyword removal and allfuzzyray2009-05-051-12/+28
| * Fixed bug 256013 and bug 256103, thanks to William Arlofski, Michael A. Smith...idl0r2009-05-043-10/+10
| * Fixed keyword sorting.idl0r2009-05-041-2/+6
| * Respect profiles/arch.list.idl0r2009-05-041-19/+2
| * Whitespace.idl0r2009-05-021-19/+19
| * Fixed text_fill, \h is just available in perl >= 5.10 so use hex instead, tha...idl0r2009-05-021-2/+1
| * Don't eat newline, bug 264146.idl0r2009-05-011-2/+24
| * Removed duplicate sort call.idl0r2009-05-011-2/+0
| * Define a action if no files have been changed, thanks to grobian. That should...idl0r2009-05-011-1/+6
| * Fixed stty call.idl0r2009-05-011-1/+1
| * Respect $PATH while looking for git, thanks to grobian.idl0r2009-05-011-4/+10
| * Add GLEP 53 keywords sorting patch from prefixfuzzyray2009-05-011-0/+4
| * Fix typo in Makefilefuzzyray2009-05-013-7/+13
| * Add ekeyword rewritten in python to repofuzzyray2009-05-011-0/+93
| * Add patch from kojiro to improve bash syntaxfuzzyray2009-05-011-1/+1