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* Remove gnome-applets dir with just ChangeLog history, we have git log tooHEADmasterMart Raudsepp2011-01-301-16/+0
* Remove vte: the non-blinking cursor CPU wakeup fix is in upstream vte-0.15.0Mart Raudsepp2011-01-305-433/+0
* Remove glib: the GMarkup speedup is in upstream glib-2.21.0Mart Raudsepp2011-01-3010-1851/+0
* Remove outdated xorg-server-1.5.2 with EXA perf patches.Mart Raudsepp2009-09-167-2741/+0
| | | | These are part of 1.5.3-r* and 1.6 in portage tree.
* Add glib-2.20.5 with patches to make GMarkup quicker. Should have quite some ↵Mart Raudsepp2009-09-1610-0/+1851
| | | | good affect on login speed
* Add xorg-server-1.5.2 with temporary EXA patches.Mart Raudsepp2008-10-237-0/+2741
| | | | | | | | | | | | | This includes glyph cache, and other EXA updates on master that happened before 20th August that aren't in xorg-server-1.5, and a patch to avoid excessive syncs in a case where it's not necessary. See head of patch files for the details. Next step is to rework the parts of exa-master-upgrade patch that matter to cherry-picks from master to server-1.5-branch, and get them pushed upstream (there's some willingness from Adam Jackson). Once that is done, portage tree xorg-server may get these. The glyph cache gives a 1.3x speedup for xf86-video-intel-2.4.2 (110k glyphs/sec to 152k) and 5x speedup for xf86-video-intel-2.4.98 (46k to 183k). Measurement taken with x11perf -aa10text
* Declare manifest1 obsolete and kill digest-* filesMart Raudsepp2007-12-273-6/+0
* Remove nautilus; GSequence has been moved to glib, should have the perf fix ↵Mart Raudsepp2007-12-276-314/+0
| | | | included and nautilus-2.20 uses the glib version
* Remove old gnome-applets, these were all integrated upstream for ~2.18 timeMart Raudsepp2007-12-276-232/+7
* Add repo_name filesMart Raudsepp2007-07-091-0/+1
* Add nautilus-2.16.3 with a patch that makes g_sequence_insert_sorted perform ↵Mart Raudsepp2007-02-056-0/+314
| | | | several times better
* Remove gamin from here. Version 0.1.8 in portage should contain all the perf ↵Mart Raudsepp2007-02-0412-4412/+0
| | | | and wakeup fixes and more
* Update to the newer version, keeping the wakeup fix and in-process applets ↵Mart Raudsepp2006-11-196-21/+25
| | | | on top of what is in portage
* Don't poll/timeout for cursor blinking in VTE when it's not necessary ↵Mart Raudsepp2006-09-246-0/+436
| | | | (blinking cursor pref off, or window not focused).
* Add forgotten ChangeLogMart Raudsepp2006-09-241-0/+12
* Sync with portage (HAL is mandatory).Mart Raudsepp2006-09-233-14/+17
* Updates from Fedora that should bring the package close to the state ofMart Raudsepp2006-09-1811-0/+4400
| | | | | | | | | | | | upstream right now. This solves gam_server waking up tens of times every second even if inotify is used, mostly thanks to the new inotify backend from upstream being more sane and closer to gnome-vfs code. Probably has more affect on kdelibs-3.5 than on GNOME-2.16 (gnome-vfs has a sane inotify backend already there, KDE seems to use FAM API at least here). I get zero polling now usually, instead of total context switch spammage as earlier. In general it shouldn't now wake up more than once every 4 seconds.
* Wake up the clock applet only when needed - only every full minute or full ↵Mart Raudsepp2006-09-184-9/+88
| | | | second (depending on if seconds are shown), instead of in a one second constant interval.
* Fix some extraneous polling in stickynotes and battstat applets for battery ↵Mart Raudsepp2006-09-186-0/+238
| | | | saving for the users of these applets.
* Start a gnome-perf personal overlay.Mart Raudsepp2006-09-165-0/+156
This overlay will contain personal ebuilds with changes for improving performance, memory use, battery time and more - mostly in the GNOME stack (but hopefully also for some lower level depencendies). Use at your own risk, yada yada. Make the clock, fish, notification-area and wncklet applets built in-process for some memory savings.