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+This is a progress report #7 for Project Grumpy.
+Progress so far
+As GSoC is nearing to its end and yesterday was marked as firm 'pencils-down'
+date I have been slowly trying to start wrapping things up.
+During last week I added the Favorite packages feature and sketched up two
+version bump check plugins for some packages in GNOME and PyPi upstream.
+Although I'm currently not that satisfied with the design of these plugins,
+more refinement can be done later and I also expect that plugins for other
+repos follow, at least for projects like KDE and CPAN that offer unified
+tarball locations.
+So far I have implemented:
+ * Portage -> database synchronizer
+ * Web interface
+ * Portage browser
+ * Developer accounts via OpenID authentication
+ * Various "issue-generator" plugins
+ * Upstream version checker (GNOME, PyPI)
+ * Herd and maintainer checks
+Future plans
+For the last week I have planned some maintenance duties like fix up the
+documentation as things have changed a lot and initial docs that were written
+didn't always see the updates they should have.
+There's also lots of work to be done on web UI to make it a bit more solid in
+terms of navigation and usability.
+Unfortunately I do not have time left to finish the tinderbox plugin
+implementation, but this will be done eventually post-GSoC.
+Project info
+Git repository of Grumpy repo is available from [1].
+[1] http://git.overlays.gentoo.org/gitweb/?p=proj/grumpy.git;a=summary
+Project's semi-official IRC channel is #gentoo-grumpy on Freenode network [2],
+if you run into troubles when testing out this project, then just ping me with
+a message.
+[2] irc://irc.freenode.net/#gentoo-grumpy
+There's also basic web frontend available, join the channel to get the link ;)