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+This is a progress report #5 for Project Grumpy.
+Progress so far
+I basically wasted last week trying to get Tinderbox working on my desktop
+machine, but eventually gave up as I ran into some troubles with its
+I also cooperated with infra team to get my app running on soc.dev.gentoo.org,
+but eventually gave up because I needed upstream release for Flask-SQLAlchemy,
+and patching it would have been too cumbersome.
+Therefore I ended up setting a preview of the web UI on my own server, just
+visit our IRC channel [1] to get the url ;)
+Also, together with my mentor Leio, we updated roadmap for the second part of
+this project timeline. More about that in the future plans section.
+[1] irc://irc.freenode.net/#gentoo-grumpy
+Future plans
+I have already integrated basic OpenID support and developer signup and have
+plans to implement "favorite packages" functionality for developers.
+19 Jul - 25 Jul:
+ * Implement "favorite packages" functionality
+ * Basic grumpy commandline utils for developers
+ * Web interface improvements
+27 Jul - 1 Aug :
+ * Unittesting for models
+ * Version bump checker plugins
+ * PyPi
+ * Tinderbox plugin implementation (if I can get my desktop machine working)
+ * Web interface improvements...
+2 Aug - 8 Aug:
+ * TBD.
+Project info
+Git repository of Grumpy repo is available from [2].
+[2] http://git.overlays.gentoo.org/gitweb/?p=proj/grumpy.git;a=summary
+Project's semi-official IRC channel is #gentoo-grumpy on Freenode network,
+if you run into troubles when testing out this project, then just ping me with
+a message.