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* Merge branch 'master' of git://anongit.gentoo.org/proj/javaHEADmasterAndrew John Hughes14 days2-0/+61
| * dev-java/gradle-bin: Add gradle-bin-4.4.1Florian Schmaus2017-12-272-0/+61
* | dev-java/gcj-jdk: Update to latest version of GCC 5 and merge with broken sys...Andrew John Hughes14 days4-120/+18
* dev-java/icedtea: Remove errant '+'.Andrew John Hughes2017-12-062-1/+5
* dev-java/icedtea: Bump to 2.6.12 (http://bitly.com/it20612). Symlink tapsets ...Andrew John Hughes2017-12-064-29/+92
* dev-java/gradle-bin: add 4.3.1Florian Schmaus2017-11-222-0/+61
* dev-java/gradle-bin: fix repoman warningsFlorian Schmaus2017-11-225-9/+4
* dev-java/icedtea: IcedTea 3.6.0 released: http://bitly.com/it30600Andrew John Hughes2017-11-024-43/+103
* dev-java/gradle-bin: bump to 4.2.1Florian Schmaus2017-10-152-0/+61
* dev-java/icedtea: Update 2.7 live ebuild to latest pre-release.Andrew John Hughes2017-09-184-37/+46
* net-mail/davmail: Remove outdated packageJames Le Cuirot2017-09-124-169/+0
* dev-java/icedtea: IcedTea 2.6.11 released (http://bitly.com/it20611)Andrew John Hughes2017-08-103-16/+21
* dev-java/icedtea: Bump 3.6 pre-release, following 3.5.1Andrew John Hughes2017-07-313-18/+24
* dev-java/icedtea: IcedTea 3.5.1 released (http://bitly.com/it30501)Andrew John Hughes2017-07-313-19/+25
* dev-java/icedtea: IcedTea 3.5.0 Released (http://bitly.com/it30500)Andrew John Hughes2017-07-214-40/+46
* dev-java/gradle-bin: Add gradle-bin-4.0, remove oldFlorian Schmaus2017-07-0214-834/+5
* dev-java/sevenzipjbinding: Remove unneeded package, fixes bug #619250James Le Cuirot2017-05-215-151/+0
* dev-java/gradle-bin: gradle-bin-3.5-r1Florian Schmaus2017-05-181-5/+4
* dev-java/icedtea: IcedTea 2.6.10 released: http://bitly.com/it20610Andrew John Hughes2017-05-173-15/+22
* dev-java/icedtea: IcedTea 3.4.0 released: http://bitly.com/it30400Andrew John Hughes2017-05-174-45/+69
* dev-java/gradle-bin: Add gradle-bin-3.5Florian Schmaus2017-04-252-0/+62
* dev-java/gradle-bin: Add dev-java/gradle-bin-3.4Florian Schmaus2017-04-252-0/+62
* dev-java/icedtea: Always disable PCH on PaX systems, bug #601016James Le Cuirot2017-03-082-2/+14
* dev-java/icedtea: Remove unused "systemtap" USE flag from IcedTea 1.x.Andrew John Hughes2017-02-142-1/+3
* dev-java/icedtea: Remove unsupported IcedTea 1.x ebuilds.Andrew John Hughes2017-02-144-733/+4
* dev-java/icedtea: 2.6.9 released: http://bitly.com/it20609Andrew John Hughes2017-02-143-18/+24
* dev-java/icedtea: Update IcedTea 3.x live ebuild.Andrew John Hughes2017-02-143-24/+33
* dev-java/icedtea: Be more consistent with dependency slotsJames Le Cuirot2017-01-302-18/+18
* dev-java/icedtea: EAPI bump to 6James Le Cuirot2017-01-306-33/+30
* dev-java/icedtea: Update to 3.3.0 release: http://bitly.com/it30300Andrew John Hughes2017-01-283-23/+29
* dev-java/icedtea: Update to final 1.13.x release, 1.13.13 (http://bitly.com/i...Andrew John Hughes2017-01-124-9/+16
* dev-java/gradle-bin: Add dev-java/gradle-bin-3.3Florian Schmaus2017-01-102-0/+62
* dev-java/icedtea: Explicitly state whether we want ccache or notJames Le Cuirot2016-11-262-0/+6
* dev-java/icedtea: Fix duplicate IUSE lineJames Le Cuirot2016-11-211-1/+0
* app-eselect/eselect-gradle: Fix typoFlorian Schmaus2016-11-142-1/+1
* dev-java/icedtea: IcedTea 2.6.8 released (http://bitly.com/it20608)Andrew John Hughes2016-11-143-17/+22
* dev-java/icedtea: Update to 3.2.0 and OpenJDK 8 u111. (http://bitly.com/it30200)Andrew John Hughes2016-11-095-41/+56
* dev-java/gradle: allow network-sandbox to workstharvik2016-10-112-1/+9
* dev-java/gradle-bin: bump to 3.1Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov2016-10-052-0/+62
* dev-java/gradle: bump to 3.1Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov2016-10-052-1/+1
* dev-java/gradle: bump to 3.0Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov2016-09-063-10/+22
* Merge branch 'master' of git://anongit.gentoo.org/proj/javaAndrew John Hughes2016-09-023-0/+124
| * dev-java/gradle-bin: Version bump to 2.14.1Vladislav Rassokhin2016-08-292-0/+62
| * dev-java/gradle-bin: Version bump to 2.14Vladislav Rassokhin2016-08-292-0/+62
* | dev-java/icedtea: Testing now works on 1.x HEAD.Andrew John Hughes2016-08-252-1/+4
* dev-java/icedtea: Update to 1.13.12 and OpenJDK 6 b40; http://bitly.com/it11312Andrew John Hughes2016-08-254-10/+27
* dev-java/icedtea: Bump to 3.2.0pre02 and sync with changes to 3.1.0 ebuild.Andrew John Hughes2016-08-093-19/+25
* Merge branch 'master' of git://anongit.gentoo.org/proj/javaAndrew John Hughes2016-08-087-25/+27
| * dev-java/icedtea: Apply earlier Infinality fix to 7, fixes bug #590068James Le Cuirot2016-08-052-2/+4
| * dev-java/icedtea: Switch from set_java_env to new java-vm_install-envJames Le Cuirot2016-08-057-23/+23