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* ltsp-server: version bump to 5.3.5 + changes to profileWim Muskee2012-03-113-1/+8
* ltspfs: Add client use flag for init scripts.Wim Muskee2012-03-022-0/+6
* profiles: Add hwdb use to udev.Wim Muskee2012-02-282-1/+5
* profiles: add default featuresWim Muskee2012-02-232-1/+5
* profiles: Add features nodoc and noinfo.Wim Muskee2012-02-193-3/+7
* profiles: bzr-2.4 is stable nowWim Muskee2012-01-281-2/+0
* profiles: Add default profiles for ltsp-client, amd64 and x86.Wim Muskee2012-01-099-0/+39
* add repo_nameJohn Robeson2008-06-211-0/+1