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Language-specific bits
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+Language-specific policies
+.. index:: python
+.. index:: python; eclass
+.. index:: eclass; python-any-r1
+.. index:: eclass; python-r1
+.. index:: eclass; python-single-r1
+Eclass usage
+:Source: Python project
+:Reported: by pkgcheck
+All packages using Python (either through installing Python modules
+or scripts, linking to libpython, calling Python at runtime or build
+time) must do it through one of the python-r1 eclasses. Packages must
+not directly depend on Python, directly use PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET
+or PYTHON_TARGETS. The variables and functions provided by the eclasses
+must be used instead.
+All ebuilds must explicitly define supported Python implementations
+in PYTHON_COMPAT. Dependencies between Python packages must use
+PYTHON_USEDEP, PYTHON_SINGLE_USEDEP or python_gen_cond_dep in order
+to ensure implementation match.
+*Rationale*: the eclass code guarantees consistent and reliable handling
+of slotted Python. It ensures that the whole dependency graph uses
+matching implementation and that programs will not accidentally break
+if user changes his Python preferences. The helper functions
+and variables also make it possible to gracefully retire old
+implementations with minimal changes to existing ebuilds.
+.. index:: python; python 2
+Python 2 deprecation
+:Source: Python project
+:Reported: no
+Python 2 is being phased out of Gentoo packages. Python 2 support
+must not be introduced in new packages, unless explicitly required
+to maintain compatibility with existing packages. Packages that do not
+support Python 3 should be removed sooner or later, depending
+on Python 3 porting chances.
+In packages that support both Python 2 and Python 3, the Python 2
+support should be gracefully retired, as soon as their reverse
+dependencies are ready or removed.
+*Rationale*: Python 2 has reached its (deferred) end-of-life by the end
+of 2019. Many important upstream projects have already removed support
+for Python 2. Those packages are frequently dependencies of other
+packages, causing the cost of maintaining Python 2 support to grow
+Early removal of unnecessary Python 2 support will both reduce
+the long-term maintenance costs, and give users better chance to prepare
+than delaying it until the number of packages losing Python 2 support
+will cause major upgrade issues.