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removed since.
+.. index::
+ single: USE flags; gui
+ single: gtk; gui flag
+ single: Qt; gui flag
+USE=gui flag
+:Source: QA
+:Reported: no
+Whenever a package offers an optional GUI support, the ``gui`` flag must
+be used to control that support rather than historically used ``X``
+or toolkit flags. Toolkit flags can still be used to choose between
+multiple available GUIs, or when the toolkit is used in a more
+specialized way than for GUI (e.g. to control installing widgets).
+*Rationale*: the historical use of toolkit flags to control building
+GUIs made it very hard for users to express the simple wish of 'I want
+*any* GUI'. Installing various packages made it necessary to either
+adjust flags per package (manually discovering which flags are necessary
+to obtain the GUI) or enabling multiple toolkits globally which
+afterwards caused issues with packages supporting a choice between
+multiple GUIs.
.. index:: USE flags; underscore
Underscores in USE flag names