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Rekeywording & stabilization rules
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Keywording and stabilization
+.. index:: keywords; rekeywording
+Rekeywording on dropped keywords
+:Source: QA
+:Reported: by pkgcheck and repoman
+The developer removing keywords from a package (e.g. due to new
+dependencies) must file a rekeywording bug asking for the package being
+retested. This rule can be exempted if the package is known not to work
+(anymore) on the arch in question.
+*Rationale*: rekeywording on minor architectures often takes a long
+time. If a developer neglects to request it immediately, it negatively
+affects other developers who in the future either want to stabilize
+a new version or to remove an old version.
+.. index:: keywords; stabilizing new versions
+Stabilizing new versions
+:Source: QA
+:Reported: by pkgcheck
+Whenever requesting a stabilization of a new version of the package,
+the developer must CC *all* arches that had at least one previous stable
+version of the package in question, and that still have ~arch keywords
+in the stabilized version. This applies to experimental architectures
+as well.
+The stabilization request can be closed and old stable version removed
+once all non-experimental architectures have processed the stabilization
+request. However, the remaining arch teams should be kept CC-ed in case
+they wanted to process the bug.
+*Rationale*: there were some cases of developers requesting
+stabilization only of a subset of architectures they were personally
+interested in. This meant some other developer had to independently
+request stabilization on remaining architectures which only meant
+a duplication of effort and unnecessary confusion over which version
+is stable and whether arch teams are slacking or stabilization was not
+requested on remaining architectures in the first place.
.. index:: keywords; removing stable
Removing stable keywords