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@@ -22,24 +22,17 @@ portage-2.2
used without the prefix)
- they may currently only include simple and versioned atoms or other sets, use
conditionals or any-of constructs aren't possible yet
- - emerge makes no difference atm whether you pass a setname or all atoms contained
- in the set to it, this means that without options packages will be remerged if
- already installed, or in the case of --unmerge all atoms in a set will be
- unmerged even if they are depended upon by other packages. This may change in
- future versions.
- sets can be referenced either in other file-based sets or as argument to emerge, but
not in ebuilds, config files or other tools at this time.
+ - packages won't be unmerged if they are referenced by an installed package
+ set (with the exception of the world set, and installed being determined
+ by the world_sets file).
* "world" does no longer include "system" unconditionally, but you can add
- "@system" to the worldfile to restore the old state.
+ "@system" to the world_sets file to restore the old state.
-* It is now possible to use `emerge <file>` to reinstall the package that
- installed a particular file. Package contents entries are indexed to
- improve performance. A command such as `emerge /lib/modules` can serve
- as a decent substitute for module-rebuild.
* The pkg_postinst phase is now called after the previous version of a
package has been removed. As a consequence, it is no longer possible
to call has_version in pkg_postinst to detect whether the current
@@ -49,14 +42,6 @@ portage-2.1.5
variable to be accessed by pkg_postinst when it is called. Bug #226505
tracks all issues related to this phase execution order change.
-* Blockers are now resolved automatically in many more cases
- than before. When it's safe, blocked packages are uninstalled
- automatically so that users are no longer inconvenienced with the
- task. Automatically uninstalled packages are displayed in the merge
- list, marked "uninstall" and highlighted in red. With the --tree
- option enabled, it's possible to see which package(s) caused other
- ones to be automatically uninstalled.
* The metadata-transfer feature is now disabled by default. This disables the
"Updating Portage cache" routine that used to run at the tail end of each
`emerge --sync` operation. If you use something like the sqlite module and
@@ -99,8 +84,6 @@ portage-2.1.4
* There is no need to have a complete portage tree available when installing binary
packages or uninstalling packages, but a warning message will still be displayed if
it appears that a valid profile is not available.
-* The emerge --search action supports searching of both installed and binary packages
- The --usepkg and --usepkgonly options control which repositories are searched.