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add a few tips on adding tests, and kinks in the current system, I hope to fix the import bug soon
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+Portage has some tests that use the unittest framework that ships with python (2.3-2.4ish)
+Tests have a specific naming convention.
+in tests/ there is a runTest script that invokes tests/
+This init looks at a hardcoded list of test dirs to search for tests.
+If you add a new dir and don't see your new tests, make sure that the dir is in this list.
+On the subject of adding more directories; the layout is basically 1 directory per portage
+file at this point (we have few files, and even fewer large files). Inside of the dir
+you should have files of the form test_${function}.py.
+So if I was to write a vercmp test, and vercmp is in portage_versions.
+would be the filename.
+The file in tests only goes 1 deep (it's non-recursive, in other words). If
+you end up with more directories it will probably break at present. Need to replace the
+'/' in the directory path with a '.' (for proper importing). This should be trivial to fix.