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* Adding all the individual bindings for dev-python/gnome-python-desktop as the...Jim Ramsay2008-01-224-0/+90
* Updated rox-all with all current softwareJim Ramsay2008-01-152-10/+38
* Merged all the zeroinstall stuff into the main portage tree. Enjoy!Jim Ramsay2008-01-1522-605/+0
* Adding new meta-package rox-allJim Ramsay2007-06-261-1/+1
* Adding new meta-package rox-allJim Ramsay2007-06-262-0/+52
* Adding manifestJim Ramsay2007-06-221-0/+3
* Adding custom feed for rox-base/thumbsJim Ramsay2007-06-222-0/+40
* Adding missing patch for rox-2.6.1Jim Ramsay2007-06-212-0/+21
* Updated manifestsJim Ramsay2007-06-203-3/+3
* Updated to use actual upstream native_feed instead of our custom local_FeedJim Ramsay2007-06-203-9/+4
* New release from upstread that has the official implementation of native feedsJim Ramsay2007-06-205-133/+11
* Package cleanup - Some have gone to the main tree, some new versions added fr...Jim Ramsay2007-06-126-72/+12
* Re-masking packages the /right/ wayJim Ramsay2007-06-0710-79/+10
* Removing old digests (not needed)Jim Ramsay2007-06-077-21/+0
* Adding manifests and digestsJim Ramsay2007-06-0711-0/+82
* Commiting initial overlay: multilib changes and preliminary zeroinstall supportJim Ramsay2007-06-0717-0/+736