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* Drop java herd from metadata.xmlKacper Kowalik (Xarthisius)2013-05-151-1/+1
* Jabref-2.10b does not build anymore with Java 6.Nicolas Bock2013-04-082-2/+6
* Adding jabref-2.10b (beta) ebuild.Nicolas Bock2013-04-053-0/+37
* app-text/jabref: Fixed doc generation, keyword amd64-linux and x86-linuxSĂ©bastien Fabbro2013-02-202-4/+8
* Added ~x86 KEYWORD and API/README do docs.Nicolas Bock2013-02-153-1/+37
* Added changes suggested by Christoph Junghans <ottxor@gentoo.org>.Nicolas Bock2013-02-143-8/+9
* Adding first draft version of jabref-2.9.2 ebuild.Nicolas Bock2013-02-144-0/+49