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* Revert "Gentoo does https by default now"Justin Lecher2015-06-211-1/+1
* Gentoo does https by default nowJustin Lecher2015-06-211-1/+1
* dev-ml/zarith: fix SLOT operators; fix usage of dieJustin Lecher2015-02-181-5/+5
* dev-ml/zarith: silence repomanJauhien Piatlicki2014-09-041-0/+4
* multiple move to EAPI=5 and regression fixesJonathan-Christofer Demay2014-06-221-13/+7
* multiple version bumpsJonathan-Christofer Demay2014-06-221-7/+13
* big fixes of metadata and package sub-herd re-distributionSĂ©bastien Fabbro2013-06-181-13/+7
* dev-ml/zarith: Clean wrong space and blank lines; move EAPI=5Justin Lecher2013-03-031-8/+8
* dev-ml/zarith: initial commitJonathan-Christofer Demay2013-01-141-7/+13
* [dev-ml/zarith] new ebuildGuillaume Horel2012-03-021-0/+11