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* sci-chemistry/freeon-2013.09.12 Changed versioning of package to avoid maskNicolas Bock2013-09-151-0/+7
* sci-chemistry/freeon-20130912: Added new version.Nicolas Bock2013-09-141-0/+5
* Mangling of the sources of sci-chemistry/freeon reduced, both for 2012.05.03,...Honza Macháček2013-06-171-0/+9
* sci-chemistry/freeon improved, the ebuild of the latest snapshot added. sci-c...Honza Macháček2013-05-301-0/+8
* sci-chemistry/freeon: Add missing dep on virtual/pkgconfig; bump to eapi=5; u...Justin Lecher2013-02-221-1/+6
* clean upChristoph Junghans2012-07-141-1/+3
* Updated DEPEND.Nicolas Bock2012-07-051-0/+3
* Adding live build.Nicolas Bock2012-07-051-0/+11