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* tree cleaning: manifest, metadata, old versions.bicatali2006-10-151-4/+4
* matio: minor cleanupgrozin2006-10-051-4/+4
* matio-1.3.1: version bumpgrozin2006-09-201-24/+8
* qcl ebuild now honours the user's $CXXFLAGSgrozin2006-09-201-0/+12
* fixed sandbox violation with USE flag docgrozin2006-08-301-4/+4
* matio-1.3.0 download url fixedgrozin2006-08-291-15/+8
* matio-1.3.0 (version bump); freemat-2.0 (patch for building with matio-1.3.0)grozin2006-08-281-8/+15
* minor cleanupsgrozin2006-06-201-4/+4
* bug fix in matio-1.1.4grozin2006-06-161-8/+8
* added matio-1.1.4, removed matio-1.0 (this last ebuild was unsatisfactory)grozin2006-06-161-15/+15
* added matio-1.0grozin2006-06-131-0/+20