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* Removed brlcad, now in main treeSĂ©bastien Fabbro2010-02-251-25/+0
* brlcad version bumpSebastien Fabbro2010-02-022-49/+25
* moved overlay to new directorybicatali2008-03-171-0/+49
* move stuff to rootjokey2007-10-073-4242/+0
* tree cleaning: manifest, metadata, old versions.bicatali2006-10-151-0/+2
* Adding a new patch to configure.actulku2006-01-262-34/+4235
* Adding the path posted in the bug modified to work with 7.6.6. It does not so...tulku2006-01-251-0/+38
* Very initial import of brlcad, from bug 77197. Does not compile here yet - ne...cryos2006-01-191-0/+1