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@@ -166,12 +166,7 @@ media-fonts/openfontlibrary:handwriting - Install handwriting-like fonts
media-fonts/openfontlibrary:monospaced - Install mono-spaced fonts
media-fonts/openfontlibrary:sansserif - Install sans-serif fonts
media-fonts/openfontlibrary:serif - Install serif fonts
-media-gfx/fyre:gnet - Add support for cluster rendering
media-gfx/synfigstudio:fmod - Enables support for using mod files for audio support
-media-libs/fontconfig-ultimate:fonts-extra - Pull in additional fonts for selected profiles
-media-libs/fontconfig-ultimate:fonts-free - Pull in base fonts for free profile
-media-libs/fontconfig-ultimate:fonts-ms - Pull in base fonts for ms profile
-media-libs/fontconfig-ultimate:fonts-non-latin - Pull in non-latin fonts
media-sound/crip:normalize - Enable for being able to normalize ripped tracks
media-sound/gnormalize:normalize - Enable the normalize front-end
media-sound/peapod:bittorrent - Enable support for the BitTorrent protocol
@@ -179,8 +174,6 @@ media-sound/peapod:id3 - Support ID3 in the player
media-sound/scala-bin:midi - MIDI support
media-tv/freetuxtv:nls - Enable native language support (using intltool)
media-video/image2mpeg:devil - Enable image loading via DevIL
-media-video/qnapi:gnome - Enable GNOME menu integration.
-media-video/qnapi:kde - Enable KDE4 menu integration.
media-video/ripwrap:mp4 - Add mp4 support
net-dialup/iwar:iax2 - Enable iax2 protocol support
net-firewall/vuurmuur:logrotate - Install support files for logrotate