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www-misc/monitorix: edited postinst text, thx to David for the hint
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# Copyright 1999-2009 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: $
+ 17 Aug 2009; Markus Rennings (mren) <> monitorix-1.3.1.ebuild:
+ edited postinst text, thx to David for the hint
14 Aug 2009; Markus Rennings (mren) <> monitorix-1.3.1.ebuild:
forgot webapp_pkg_postinst; added ~x86 keyword, thx to David for testing
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AUX 1.3.1-evms.patch 990 RMD160 e6ce0e06751ba461497abd43625feb8f26110344 SHA1 0d3bb79b38727057565e7c0426e2b7ace8e313e5 SHA256 89261fcea47aebe4f7f1e39918555f43ba05c4c1a8fec29180cab97dfff09220
AUX monitorix.conf.patch 925 RMD160 c7faa57c6c7a5eb0048f04d6db37f57405d27be7 SHA1 b47e38922af73a5eabea60a61e86c46cc6e3be89 SHA256 2ca343e8652e8b5e29a0abd0ed3ac9205b000922b4ad5191b3aa96be21ab87db
DIST monitorix-1.3.1.tar.gz 150959 RMD160 3c03c33e2ec5d533d306904f455a11531b99bc81 SHA1 462e5445cc66fb6b9e59218c4395aa75d79a7d05 SHA256 b5c8782d5b98255b7ef75ae26d4131033ac425f1a13c9039fadad7486c085996
-EBUILD monitorix-1.3.1.ebuild 2105 RMD160 7a1f230201a243c6742d4aa1c17a8c0c63eb7dc3 SHA1 81d1609b75912529c595fed296275ecc4a4030d2 SHA256 72c4ae6c06d7e6e4c3c924a3c945e232b309ac440155f12ae086e2905485c8f8
-MISC ChangeLog 750 RMD160 4f5bee3970ffdf1eda2917af2007059a3623728b SHA1 8febd54fe16facd2bff4d91b0c9f19f6388edec6 SHA256 9c9ed73e88ee4ebc53d817d7a1025b39bae9997c381b6fd86e7c40ce174fd56d
+EBUILD monitorix-1.3.1.ebuild 2305 RMD160 71be6ab304f546752c477b9487b9c76b2caf7975 SHA1 84f1a3f0f2ff7c4a6fa6e1aeeec28164a12d6677 SHA256 dc517540d58345620ee3cbbbfc7ad9e36657bc406db4cd830b8e2aaf543d0dea
+MISC ChangeLog 878 RMD160 c5f11161745d311658c9c05c1e8443e5664c0003 SHA1 6f21133850089e4ec0098b8802d6d90b323fca0b SHA256 020431fe9bd256991ca1fbf722cee4c58659077d90acf46d1c38bdb02ea98acb
MISC metadata.xml 285 RMD160 14c03bdcabba50a240b6f81468518ecb9a9260c2 SHA1 f1cb6d0492c498ffa08d16442a510bda679f43e9 SHA256 49a0e28498b88a6e7b8d15996ad998d8345f9ef128b4ee6329e1547d64ee6653
diff --git a/www-misc/monitorix/monitorix-1.3.1.ebuild b/www-misc/monitorix/monitorix-1.3.1.ebuild
index f6439f326..8367b196a 100644
--- a/www-misc/monitorix/monitorix-1.3.1.ebuild
+++ b/www-misc/monitorix/monitorix-1.3.1.ebuild
@@ -66,13 +66,16 @@ src_install() {
pkg_postinst() {
elog "Before starting the ${PN} init script make sure you edited the "
- elog "config file."
+ elog "config file. After that you can start ${PN} by running"
+ elog "\t/etc/init.d/${PN} start"
+ elog "If you want to start it automatically on boot run"
+ elog "\trc-update add ${PN} default"
elog "This package is run via /etc/cron.d and therefore uses root "
- elog "privileges. The graphs are created at runtime directly to "
- elog "the imgs/ directory inside the dir you installed the app to "
- elog "with webapp-config. These are created with the privileges "
- elog "of the webserver user account."
+ elog "privileges to collect the informations. The graphs are created "
+ elog "at runtime directly to the imgs/ directory inside the dir you "
+ elog "installed the app to with webapp-config. These are created "
+ elog "with the privileges of the webserver user account."