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@@ -60,10 +60,10 @@ media-sound/om:ladspa - Enables support for LADSPA plugins
media-sound/om:patch-loader - Installs a command line patch loading client
media-sound/peapod:bittorrent - Enable support for the BitTorrent protocol
media-sound/peapod:id3 - Support ID3 in the player
+media-video/dvd-slideshow:themes - Enable theme support
media-video/gcstar:md5 - Enables generation of md5 checksums
media-video/gcstar:zip - Enables support for zip files
media-video/ttcut:ttmpeg2 - Enable ttmpeg2 a MPEG file analyser
-media-video/dvd-slideshow:themes - Enable theme support
net-dns/nsd:axfr - Enable AXFR client to transfer zones from a name server
net-dns/nsd:bind8-stats - Enables BIND8 like NSTATS & XSTATS
net-dns/nsd:checking - Enable internal runtime checks