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* games-engines/dagii: Addition of make dep target; removal of now-unneeded pat...Nathan Smith (ndansmith)2007-03-151-4/+3
* games-engines/dagii: Adding version 0.3 and needed patches and preparing to m...Nathan Smith (ndansmith)2007-03-121-2/+5
* mass nukage of old digestsMarkus Ullmann2007-03-051-15/+0
* games-engines/dagii: Version bump.Nathan Smith (ndansmith)2007-02-011-12/+12
* sunrise/app-portage/overlay-utils/Manifest: Fix manifests from last commitCharlie Shepherd2007-01-231-8/+8
* cosmeticsJakub Moc2006-12-251-4/+4
* games-engines/dagii: New ebuild for 159032Nathan Smith (ndansmith)2006-12-241-0/+20