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* mail-client/mutt-kz: New Ebuild for bug #427334 thanks to everyone on sunrise...Stefan Kuhn (Wuodan)2012-08-028-0/+431
* mail-client/ nmh: Moved to tree by meMarkos Chandras2010-09-279-293/+0
* mail-client/nmh: New Ebuild for bug 336057 (added gdbm use flag) thanks to hw...Seth Robertson (SethRobertson)2010-09-123-10/+26
* mail-client/nmh: New Ebuild for bug 336057 to resurrect mail-client/nmh thank...Seth Robertson (SethRobertson)2010-09-099-0/+277
* mail-client/ alpine: In gentoo-x86Thomas Sachau2009-04-244-86/+0
* mail-client/alpine: QA quotes around EAPI versionJustin Lecher2009-04-173-5/+8
* mail-client/alpine: New Ebuild for bug 176904. Thanks to Sascha Lucas and Hol...Janne Rönkkö (jroo)2008-10-264-0/+83