Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* media-sound/lmms - cosmeticsJakub Moc2006-06-252-6/+7
* media-sound/last-exit - tweak dependenciesJakub Moc2006-06-252-8/+12
* media-sound/last-exit - new ebuild, Bug 128843Jakub Moc2006-06-254-0/+74
* Deps and some minor faults fixed.Santiago M. Mola2006-06-252-26/+24
* New lmms-0.1.4 ebuild for bug 100170.Santiago M. Mola2006-06-254-0/+76
* media-sound/chuck - remove toolchain-funcs inheritCédric Krier2006-06-252-5/+5
* media-sound/chuck - use eutils instead of baseCédric Krier2006-06-242-6/+10
* media-sound/chuck - fix makefiles and add USE-flag docCédric Krier2006-06-243-34/+203
* media-sound/chuck - add DEPEND, fix CXX and LFLAGSCédric Krier2006-06-243-11/+81
* New chuck Ebuild for bug 122332 thanks to charles quarraCédric Krier2006-06-234-0/+73
* Cosmetic changes: removed extra whitespace and put KEYWORDS inThomas Cort2006-06-233-12/+13
* media-sound/twolame initial import, bug #120469Alexis Ballier2006-06-224-0/+45
* New PyKaraoke Ebuild for bug 137415Mike Pagano2006-06-214-0/+50