Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* simscan/Manifest: oldStefan Schweizer2006-11-032-134/+0
* net-mail/simscan: drop oldRaúl Porcel2006-11-035-175/+8
* net-mail/simscan: Sort use flags alphabetically, shorten src_compile, einfo -...Jakub Moc2006-07-314-4/+150
* remove RESTRICT=mirror from GPL-2 ebuilds, fix use flags in simscan for repom...Stefan Schweizer2006-07-242-10/+10
* net-mail/simscan: new simscan-1.1-r1.ebuild - correcting somes bugs (owners, ...David CHANIAL (davixx)2006-07-214-4/+176
* net-mail/simscan: einfo -> elogJakub Moc2006-07-082-23/+23
* add skel.metadata.xml and metadata.xml with maintainer-wanted everywhereStefan Schweizer2006-07-022-0/+9
* repoman, ManifestsStefan Schweizer2006-06-252-5/+5
* net-mail/simscan - another faceliftJakub Moc2006-06-252-42/+18
* net-mail/simscan - faceliftJakub Moc2006-06-252-29/+25
* New simscan-1.1.ebuild Ebuild for bug 90605 thanks to Helge Aksdal, Ed Cates,...David CHANIAL (davixx)2006-06-214-0/+177