Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* In CVSRaúl Porcel2007-02-127-229/+0
* net-p2p/museek+: don't depend on base packagesChristian Faulhammer2007-01-293-11/+15
* net-p2p/museek+: priority for libxml++-2.6 added.Santiago M. Mola2007-01-274-8/+38
* sunrise/app-portage/overlay-utils/Manifest: Fix manifests from last commitCharlie Shepherd2007-01-232-9/+9
* sunrise/app-portage/overlay-utils/overlay-utils-0.2.ebuild: Update copyright ...Charlie Shepherd2007-01-231-1/+1
* net-p2p/museek+: s/einfo/elog and a clearer postinst message.Santiago M. Mola2006-12-043-9/+13
* net-p2p/museek+: Using upstream ebuild thanks to Xero. Features trayicon USE ...Santiago M. Mola2006-12-0312-305/+80
* net-p2p/museek+: Version bump 0.1.12.Santiago M. Mola2006-12-034-4/+109
* net-p2p/museek+: Typo fixed.Santiago M. Mola2006-10-102-5/+5
* net-p2p/museek+: QA - we have no qt 3.2 any moreMarkus Ullmann2006-10-053-9/+12
* net-p2p/museek+: einfo -> elogJakub Moc2006-09-243-11/+14
* net-p2p/museek+: misc ebuild cleanups, please take a lookStefan Schweizer2006-09-233-35/+23
* net-p2p/museek+: Aesthetic changes.David Shakaryan2006-09-222-7/+7
* net-p2p/museek+: Initial ebuild for bug #140047 Thanks to SeeSchloss <seeschl...Santiago M. Mola2006-09-2011-0/+317