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* net-wireless/remuco: remove, cause media-tv/tvtime is masked for removalhasufell2013-04-014-159/+0
* sunrise/ net-nntp/nzbperl/Manifest: Update copyright line to satisfy repomanThomas Sachau2012-04-012-2/+2
* net-wireless/remuco: Depend on correct slot of pygobject.Alexandre Rostovtsev2011-10-193-3/+6
* Remove <herd>no-herd</herd>.Michał Górny2011-09-242-2/+1
* net-wireless/remuco: version bump, my patch as been merged upstreamLaurento Frittella (mrfree)2011-04-044-24/+9
* net-wireless/remuco: Added gmusicbrowser adapter support, added media-video/m...Laurento Frittella (mrfree)2011-03-315-10/+38
* net-wireless/remuco: Version bumpLaurento Frittella (mrfree)2010-10-083-3/+7
* net-wireless/remuco: new useflag 'client' to build the J2ME client from sourc...Laurento Frittella (mrfree)2010-06-244-12/+41
* net-wireless/remuco: Binary clients have been droppedLaurento Frittella (mrfree)2010-06-233-15/+20
* net-wireless/remuco: python.eclass is inherited by distutils.eclass, resort e...Justin Lecher2010-06-233-5/+10
* net-wireless/remuco: Version bump and some cleanupsLaurento Frittella (mrfree)2010-06-224-6/+15
* net-wireless/remuco: New Ebuild for bug 276587 thanks to hwoarang, xmv and To...Laurento Frittella (mrfree)2010-06-224-0/+92