Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* fixing issue from: Teran2015-08-121-1/+4
* cleaning up the ebuild slightlyEvan Teran2015-08-121-9/+8
* Merge branch 'feature/ovftool' of git:// into...Evan Teran2015-08-121-2/+16
| * Added support for the installation of the ovftool.Christian Affolter2015-08-031-2/+16
* | Added systemd service support for app-emulation/vmware-playerChristian Affolter2015-08-041-1/+4
* adding correct init scripts to the ebuildsEvan Teran2015-07-231-1/+1
* version bump for vmware-workstation 11 and associated player/modulesEvan Teran2015-07-141-0/+244