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* libview: version bumpVadim Kuznetsov2010-08-093-4/+15
* libview version bumpVadim Kuznetsov2010-06-015-0/+68
* Remove libview since it's now in the main tree.Mike Auty2008-12-314-65/+0
* Remove old libview file.Mike Auty2008-11-211-25/+0
* Include fix in libview for 239325.Mike Auty2008-11-202-1/+7
* Latest version of libview.Mike Auty2008-11-202-2/+28
* Fix the broken manifests by actually removing the digests this time...Mike Auty2007-10-121-3/+0
* Remove those pesky digest- files.Mike Auty2007-10-121-16/+0
* Add in libview-0.6.0. Change vmware-mod and modules- to build the...Mike Auty2007-09-185-0/+77