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committerGöktürk Yüksek <>2016-03-04 14:11:00 -0500
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app-benchmarks/filebench: eapi bump, add new use flag, fix dependencies
The following changes have been made: - eapi bump to EAPI 6 - drop unused inherit eutils - remove unsued dependency on libaio: the program uses the aio functions defined in libc. libaio is not referenced in the source code. - remove the automagic dependency on dev-libs/libtecla: filebench provides tab-completion support using libtecla. However, there's no way to explicitly control it. Patch the sources to add a configure option for '--with-libtecla' and add a corresponding USE flag called 'auto-completion'. - drop parallel compilation workaround: the package compiles with different values of '-j' successfully. Most likely a carry-over from the initial ebuild. Package-Manager: portage-2.2.26
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diff --git a/app-benchmarks/filebench/files/filebench-fix-automagic-libtecla-dependency.patch b/app-benchmarks/filebench/files/filebench-fix-automagic-libtecla-dependency.patch
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+From: Göktürk Yüksek <>
+Subject: [PATCH] Fix automagic dependency on libtecla
+Replace the unconditional AC_CHECK_LIB logic with AC_ARG_WITH to
+eliminate the automagic dependency on libtecla.
+--- a/
++++ b/
+@@ -164,8 +164,11 @@
+ AC_CHECK_LIB([kstat], [kstat_open])
+ # Use libtecla for autocompletion if it is available. If it
+ # is, then conditionally compile auto_comp.c (see
+-AC_CHECK_LIB([tecla], [cpl_add_completion])
+-AM_CONDITIONAL(AUTOCOMP_LIBTECLA, test "$ac_cv_lib_tecla_cpl_add_completion" = yes)
++AC_ARG_WITH([libtecla], AS_HELP_STRING([--with-libtecla], [Build with libtecla for autocompletion support (default: test)]))
++AS_IF([test "x$with_libtecla" != "xno"], [
++ AC_CHECK_LIB([tecla], [cpl_add_completion])
++AM_CONDITIONAL([AUTOCOMP_LIBTECLA], [test "x$ac_cv_lib_tecla_cpl_add_completion" = "xyes"])
+ # Check that librt is installed and supports async IO. First line
+ # allows to add librt to the linkers path, second one checks
+ # if aio_wait() is in it, third one checks if aio_waitn() is there (usually