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parentmedia-libs/alsa-lib: version bump to 1.1.0 (diff)
media-sound/alsa-utils: version bump to 1.1.0
Bump to version 1.1.0. The cross-compile patch from 1.0.29 does not apply, nor does it appear necessary, so omitting from the 1.1.0 ebuild. Masking all archs until gentoo-sound team deems it "stable". Had to add a "bat" USE flag handler to 1.1.0. By default, the configure script sets a hard requirement for the Basic Audio Tester (BAT) utility, requiring FFTW3 (sci-libs/fftw). Let the user set the "bat" USE flag if they require the BAT utility. Rudimentary testing performed on amd64 architecture. ALSA Project release notes at: Package-Manager: Portage v2: vapier: removed redundant argument for 'use_enable bat'; rebased on 6d4b41d7904e ("app-emulation/docker-compose: move enum34 dependence") Signed-off-by: Joe Konno <>
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--- a/media-sound/alsa-utils/metadata.xml
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+ <flag name="bat">install basic audio tester (BAT) util</flag>
<flag name="libsamplerate">install utils that use libsamplerate (e.g. alsaloop)</flag>
<flag name="ncurses">install utils that use ncurses (e.g. alsamixer)</flag>