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toolchain.eclass: [QA] Remove meaningless USE=multislot, #584610
The USE=multislot as defined partially by toolchain.eclass and partially by sys-devel/gcc was used for two purposes: - enabling build-time (only) blockers on old gcc versions -- which do not make any sense because they are build-time only and there is no technical reason for two gcc version ranges not to be installed at the same time, both at build time and at run time, - changing behavior of post-install wrt conditional gcc-config calls. Both cases are invalid use of USE flags, considering that the flag does not affect the installed files in any way.
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<name>Gentoo Prefix</name>
- <flag name="multislot">Allow for multiple versions to be emerged at once for same CTARGET</flag>
<flag name="objc">Build support for the Objective C code language</flag>
<flag name="objc++">Build support for the Objective C++ language</flag>
<flag name="regression-test">Run the testsuite and install the results (requires FEATURES=test)</flag>