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-LoadModule passenger_module modules/
-# The location to the Phusion Passenger root directory. This configuration
-# option is essential to Phusion Passenger. The correct value is given by the
-# installer, and should usually not be changed manually.
-PassengerRoot /usr
-# This option allows one to specify how much information Phusion Passenger
-# should write to the Apache error log file. A higher log level value means
-# that more information will be logged.
-# Possible values are:
-# 0: Show only errors and warnings.
-# 1: Show the most important debugging information. This might be useful for
-# system administrators who are trying to figure out the cause of a
-# problem.
-# 2: Show more debugging information. This is typically only useful for
-# developers.
-# 3: Show even more debugging information.
-PassengerLogLevel 0
-# This option allows one to specify the Ruby interpreter to use.
-PassengerRuby /usr/bin/ruby
-# Whether Passenger should automatically detect whether a virtual host's
-# document root is a Ruby on Rails application.
-RailsAutoDetect On
-# The maximum number of Ruby on Rails application instances that may be
-# simultaneously active. A larger number results in higher memory usage, but
-# improved ability to handle concurrent HTTP clients.
-PassengerMaxPoolSize 20
-# The maximum number of seconds that a Ruby on Rails application instance may
-# be idle. That is, if an application instance hasn't done anything after the
-# given number of seconds, then it will be shutdown in order to conserve
-# memory.
-PassengerPoolIdleTime 120
-# The maximum number of application instances that may be simultaneously active
-# for a single application. This helps to make sure that a single application
-# will not occupy all available slots in the application pool.
-# This value must be less than PassengerMaxPoolSize. A value of 0 means that
-# there is no limit placed on the number of instances a single application may
-# use, i.e. only the global limit of PassengerMaxPoolSize will be enforced.
-PassengerMaxInstancesPerApp 0
-# When the PassengerUserSwitching option is enabled a Rails application is started
-# as the owner of the file config/environment.rb. So if
-# /home/webapps/foo/config/environment.rb is owned by joe, then Passenger will
-# launch the corresponding Rails application as joe as well.
-PassengerUserSwitching On
-# Under no circumstances will Rails applications be run as root. If
-# environment.rb is owned by root or by an unknown user, then the Rails
-# application will run as the user specified by PassengerDefaultUser.
-PassengerDefaultUser apache
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