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* media-sound/xmms2: cleanup ruby23-only revisionHans de Graaff2019-04-081-1/+0
* */*: Remove redundant descriptions of 'opus' flagMichał Górny2018-10-201-1/+0
* media-sound/xmms2: drop descriptionSergei Trofimovich2018-02-041-1/+0
* media-sound/xmms2: [QA] Consistent whitespace in metadata.xmlDavid Seifert2017-11-271-15/+16
* media-sound/xmms2: bump up to 0.8_p20161122, latest snapshotSergei Trofimovich2017-05-201-0/+2
* media-sound/xmms2: Add knob to disable valgrind at test runtime, bug #424377Sergei Trofimovich2016-04-021-0/+1
* Set appropriate maintainer types in metadata.xml (GLEP 67)Michał Górny2016-01-241-1/+1
* Revert DOCTYPE SYSTEM https changes in metadata.xmlMike Gilbert2015-08-241-1/+1
* Use https by defaultJustin Lecher2015-08-241-1/+1
* proj/gentoo: Initial commitRobin H. Johnson2015-08-081-0/+50