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{"0bs1d1an": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "0bs1d1an", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Guido Kroon"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-07-05 16:07:57 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo", "pentoo", "steam-overlay"], "x-ebuild-count": 80}, "0x4d4c": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "0x4d4c", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay with no special focus"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Martin Lambertz"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2017-06-09 22:51:12 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 19}, "2xsaiko": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "2xsaiko", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay with no special focus"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "2xsaiko"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-20 19:59:33 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 136}, "4nykey": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "4nykey", "description": {"en": "An experimental portage overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Aleksei Kaveshnikov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-14 14:54:37 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 453}, "AlexandreFournier": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "AlexandreFournier", "description": {"en": "Alexandre Fournier's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexandre Fournier"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 12:25:46 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 68}, "ArchFeh": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ArchFeh", "description": {"en": "ArchFeh's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "ArchFeh"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-04-22 15:59:45 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 22}, "AstroFloyd": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "AstroFloyd", "description": {"en": "AstroFloyd's Gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "AstroFloyd"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-14 08:26:34 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 134}, "AzP": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "AzP", "description": {"en": "Peter's own software playground"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Peter Asplund"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-03 23:26:39 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 15}, "Case_Of": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "Case_Of", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Quentin Retornaz"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 18:43:45 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 20}, "Drauthius": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "Drauthius", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds related to game dev"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Albert Diserholt"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-17 16:30:24 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 12}, "DuPol": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "DuPol", "description": {"en": "DuPol's own and modified portage ebuilds."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dustin Polke"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-02-18 21:05:32 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 12}, "FireBurn": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "FireBurn", "description": {"en": "32bit ebuilds (libdrm, mesa, libx11, mesa-progs, ..)"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mike Lothian"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-13 09:11:11 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 21}, "HomeAssistantRepository": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "HomeAssistantRepository", "description": {"en": "Home Assistant on Gentoo Linux without virtualenv or docker."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andreas Billmeier"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 00:03:41 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2632}, "JRG": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "JRG", "description": {"en": "John's Collaboration Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "John R. Graham"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-11 13:52:29 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 13}, "KBrown-pub": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "KBrown-pub", "description": {"en": "KBrown's public overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sandino Araico Sanchez"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-15 06:27:55 -0600\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 140}, "Krontage": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "Krontage", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Kron"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Kron"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-13 03:32:07 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 17}, "ROKO__": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ROKO__", "description": {"en": "Unofficial ebuilds for gentoo based distributions."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexandrow Rosen"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-21 10:25:46 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 105}, "R_Overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "R_Overlay", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay of R packages"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Benda Xu"}], "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-08-14 09:27:44.000000000 +0000\n", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 18439}, "ShyPixie": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ShyPixie", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Lara Maia"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Lara Maia"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2017-03-22 12:26:37 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 14}, "SwordArMor": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "SwordArMor", "description": {"en": "Personnal overlay of alarig/SwordArMor"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alarig Le Lay"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 14:34:15 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 150}, "ace": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ace", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay with ebuilds that were missing at one point or another"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexander Olofsson"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-22 18:11:38 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 31}, "activehome": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "activehome", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay for ebuilds related to 'hand-made' Active Home construction", "ru": "\u041e\u0432\u0435\u0440\u043b\u0435\u0439 \u0434\u043b\u044f ebuild'\u043e\u0432 \u0441\u0432\u044f\u0437\u0430\u043d\u043d\u044b\u0445 \u0441\u043e\u0437\u0434\u0430\u043d\u0438\u0435\u043c \u0441\u0430\u043c\u043e\u0434\u0435\u043b\u044c\u043d\u043e\u0433\u043e \u0443\u043c\u043d\u043e\u0433\u043e \u0434\u043e\u043c\u0430"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-07-21 16:01:39 +0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 4}, "aeon-gentoo-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "aeon-gentoo-overlay", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay for Aeon Dev packages and dependencies"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Robin Degen"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-05-19 12:32:23 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "ag-ops": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ag-ops", "description": {"en": "Useful tools for SysAdmins or DevOps"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "John Johnson"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-21 15:36:19 -0600\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 86}, "ago": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "ago", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Agostino Sarubbo"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-09 10:01:34 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 18}, "ahyangyi-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ahyangyi-overlay", "description": {"en": "Ahyangyi's overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Yi Yang"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-12 02:04:03 +0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 49}, "alatar-lay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "alatar-lay", "description": {"en": "Alatar`s personal ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alatar"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-02 01:46:05 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 7}, "alesharik": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "alesharik", "description": {"en": "Gentoo portage overlay of alesharik"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Aleksei Arsenev"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-07 14:18:42 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 17}, "alexcepoi": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "alexcepoi", "description": {"en": "Personal User Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexandru Cepoi"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2018-01-21 15:49:24 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "alexxy": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "alexxy", "description": {"en": "Some random work in progress stuff from alexxy"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexey Shvetsov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-02-11 14:50:24 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "alinefr": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "alinefr", "description": {"en": "Some overlays that I could not find anywhere else."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Aline Freitas"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-05-12 19:16:58 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 27}, "aluco": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "aluco", "description": {"en": "From drm-next to phoronix-test-suite ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Anthoine Bourgeois"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2017-05-22 00:05:14 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 24}, "alxu": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "alxu", "description": {"en": "Alex Xu (Hello71) personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alex Xu (Hello71)"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-21 22:02:37 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 66}, "amedeos": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "amedeos", "description": {"en": "amedeos's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Amedeo Salvati"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-16 10:12:45 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 41}, "anarchy": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "anarchy", "description": {"en": "Testing/Bug fixes, new ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jory Pratt"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-15 16:34:50 -0600\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 9}, "anard": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "anard", "description": {"en": "Anard's personnal repository, with some new ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Anard"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-11 11:35:15 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "anaximander": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "anaximander", "description": {"en": "anaximander's user overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dominik Kriegner"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-30 10:25:23 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "anders-larsson": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "anders-larsson", "description": {"en": "A few packages that are not hosted elsewhere."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Anders Larsson"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-15 14:42:15 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 23}, "andjscott": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "andjscott", "description": {"en": "Few ebuilds that others may find useful"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2016-10-17 16:03:33 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 14}, "andrey_utkin": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "andrey_utkin", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "andrey_utkin"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-04 11:23:21 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "andy": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "andy", "description": {"en": "Andy's custom stuff and embedded software"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andy K."}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-01-03 10:49:14 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 23}, "anomen": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "anomen", "description": {"en": "anomen's personal Gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "anomen"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-15 12:04:09 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 59}, "anyc": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "anyc", "description": {"en": "Testing ebuilds for out-of-tree applications"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mario Kicherer"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-26 18:20:47 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 95}, "apriluwu": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "apriluwu", "description": {"en": "apriluwu's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "April C."}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-06-27 13:41:25 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "archenroot": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "archenroot", "description": {"en": "GPU, Neural Networks, Big Data, HPC, Java"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ladislav Jech"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-05-16 09:43:27 +0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 5}, "argent-main": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "argent-main", "description": {"en": "Argent Linux"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stefan Cristian Brindusa"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-18 00:55:19 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2118}, "arx-libertatis": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "arx-libertatis", "description": {"en": "Arx Libertatis Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel Scharrer"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-08-11 21:12:11 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 7}, "audio-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "audio-overlay", "description": {"en": "Pro audio overlay. Please file bugs or package suggestions at"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Audio overlay"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-17 15:26:33 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 73}, "average": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "average", "description": {"en": "Personal playground for some ebuilds not found elsewhere"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jeffrey Lin"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-12 22:41:22 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 14}, "awesome": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "awesome", "description": {"en": "Awesome ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel Morlock"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-15 08:51:56 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 39}, "barnowl": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "barnowl", "description": {"en": "BarnOwl IM client"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "William Throwe"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-05-12 02:13:53 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 9}, "barzog-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "barzog-overlay", "description": {"en": "Oleg Gawriloff's overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Oleg Gawriloff"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2019-12-02 16:52:17 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 203}, "beatussum-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "beatussum-overlay", "description": {"en": "Beatussum's overlay", "fr": "Overlay de Beatussum"}, "longdescription": {"en": "\n        My Gentoo overlay aims to provide some packages that are not (yet) in the main Gentoo tree.\n    ", "fr": "\n        Mon overlay a pour but de fournir certains paquets qui ne sont pas (encore) disponibles dans l'arbre principal.\n    "}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Matt\u00e9o Rossillol--Laruelle"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 14:06:34 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 24}, "benzene-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "benzene-overlay", "description": {"en": "Universebenzene's personal Gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Universebenzene"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 21:48:33 +0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 81}, "bes": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bes", "description": {"en": "bes' personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vladimir Varlamov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-14 13:34:07 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 9}, "bezerker": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bezerker", "description": {"en": "Bezerker's Packages"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Bezerker"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2015-09-04 06:56:43 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "bibletime": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bibletime", "description": {"en": "BibleTime overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jaak Ristioja"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-08-02 21:35:41 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 6}, "binaryden": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "binaryden", "description": {"en": "Overlay for Cinnamon and other Gentoo packages"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Thomas Kemmer"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-15 14:38:16 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 28}, "bircoph": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "bircoph", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andrew Savchenko"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-26 10:29:58 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 29}, "bitcetera": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bitcetera", "description": {"en": "Miscellaneous Gentoo ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sven Schwyn"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-29 19:57:28 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 22}, "bitcoin": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bitcoin", "description": {"en": "Bitcoin and CPU/GPU mining related ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Florian Schmaus"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-20 14:47:15 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 155}, "bleeding-edge": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bleeding-edge", "description": {"en": "Gentoo ebuilds for \"bleeding edge\" versions of packages - newest, untested - running on ~amd64."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jan Psota"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2018-09-26 10:53:10 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 10}, "blender-gentoo-logo": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "blender-gentoo-logo", "description": {"en": "Software needed to render the Blender-based gentoo Logo of 2003"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sebastian Pipping"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2017-09-09 16:34:22 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "bliss-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bliss-overlay", "description": {"en": "FearedBliss's Gentoo Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-20 09:16:21 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 9}, "bloody": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bloody", "description": {"en": "krita bleeding edge and artists tools/resources"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pierre Geier"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-30 13:09:33 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 6}, "bobwya": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bobwya", "description": {"en": "Miscellaneous Gentoo ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Bob Wya"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-15 09:37:43 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 441}, "bombo82": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bombo82", "description": {"en": "Bombo82's own gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Gianni Bombelli (bombo82)"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-19 23:27:24 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 20}, "booboo": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "booboo", "description": {"en": "L29Ah personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sergey Alirzaev"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-15 17:46:26 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 406}, "brave-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "brave-overlay", "description": {"en": "Brave Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jason Oliveira"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-20 00:03:32 -0600\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "bright": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bright", "description": {"en": "BrightOne's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Oleksii Filonenko"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2019-07-25 22:54:21 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 30}, "brother-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "brother-overlay", "description": {"en": "Brother printer and scanner software"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stefan Langenmaier"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-03 21:04:52 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 570}, "bubba": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bubba", "description": {"en": "\"Bubba\" platform support for Excito B2|3"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Gordon Bos"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 14:48:32 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 53}, "bumblebee": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "bumblebee", "description": {"en": "Packages related to the bumblebee project"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-02-17 00:03:28 +0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 6}, "buzden": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "buzden", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Denis Buzdalov"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Denis Buzdalov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-30 19:21:19 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 17}, "c2p-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "c2p-overlay", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Karol Grudzi\u0144ski"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Karol Grudzi\u0144ski"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-02 13:21:57 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 29}, "calculate": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "calculate", "description": {"en": "Calculate Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 14:57:46 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 249}, "canutethegreat-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "canutethegreat-overlay", "description": {"en": "Overlay for personal projects, forks, and customizations"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ronald Farrer"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-15 10:25:45 -0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 4}, "causelay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "causelay", "description": {"en": "Ari Malinen's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ari Malinen"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2015-02-08 18:21:31 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 32}, "ceamac": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ceamac", "description": {"en": "This is a small Gentoo overlay with ebuilds that I could not find elsewhere or that I had to modify for some reason."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Viorel Munteanu"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-25 13:09:30 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 11}, "certbot-dns-plugins": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "certbot-dns-plugins", "description": {"en": "Overlay for the DNS plugins of the ACME client certbot"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Osiris Inferi"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-17 17:16:35 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 38}, "cg": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "cg", "description": {"en": "Computer graphics ebuilds for gentoo"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-17 19:22:03 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 139}, "chrisadr": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "chrisadr", "description": {"en": "ChrisADR's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Christopher D\u00edaz Riveros"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-17 20:48:42 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 0}, "chrytoo": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "chrytoo", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay for packages that usually aren't in the official repository..."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Milo\u0161 \u0110. Omeragi\u0107"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-08-19 00:07:33 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "chutzpah": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "chutzpah", "description": {"en": "Random stuff I am working on which isn't ready for the tree for some reason"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Patrick McLean"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-22 16:29:34 -0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 9}, "chymeric": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "chymeric", "description": {"en": "Overlay for scientific software and other utilities"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Horea Christian"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-11 07:03:49 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo", "science"], "x-ebuild-count": 36}, "cj-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "cj-overlay", "description": {"en": "Christoph's Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2017-11-08 11:12:00 -0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 7}, "concaveoverlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "concaveoverlay", "description": {"en": "concavegit's overlay."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-11-23 19:42:16 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 23}, "crocket-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "crocket-overlay", "description": {"en": "crocket's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "crocket"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-19 16:37:08 +0900\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 70}, "crossdev": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "crossdev", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds for embedded systems", "ru": "\u041f\u0430\u043a\u0435\u0442\u044b \u0434\u043b\u044f \u0432\u0441\u0442\u0440\u0430\u0438\u0432\u0430\u0435\u043c\u044b\u0445 \u0441\u0438\u0441\u0442\u0435\u043c"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-06-18 14:39:51 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 4}, "cynede": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "cynede", "description": {"en": "Gentoo user overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mikhail Pukhlikov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-timestamp-command": ["git", "log", "--format=%ci", "-1"], "x-openpgp-signature-command": ["git", "show", "-q", "--pretty=format:%G?", "HEAD"], "x-state": "SYNC_FAIL"}, "dMaggot": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "dMaggot", "description": {"en": "Overlay of David E. Narv\u00e1ez"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "David E. Narv\u00e1ez"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2017-06-01 22:09:38 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 8}, "darkelf": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "darkelf", "description": {"en": "Overlay focusing on improved user experience for working in darkness on Xfce or zsh (including vim)"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Simon"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-21 18:45:53 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 11}, "darthgandalf-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "darthgandalf-overlay", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexey Sokolov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-15 16:30:21 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 6}, "deadbeef-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "deadbeef-overlay", "description": {"en": "DeaDBeeF player overlay for Gentoo Linux"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Roman Kuzmitsky"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-06-06 14:06:08 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 53}, "decent-im": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "decent-im", "description": {"en": "XMPP software overlay maintained by"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andrey Utkin"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2019-09-17 18:48:52 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 5}, "deepin": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "deepin", "description": {"en": "Gentoo Overlay for Deepin Desktop Environment"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Aten Zhang"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-21 23:54:26 +0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 129}, "defiance": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "defiance", "description": {"en": "packages for cloud development"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dan Molik"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-11 10:17:38 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 74}, "delicious-absurdities": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "delicious-absurdities", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay with delicious absurdities"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Christian Affolter"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-05-03 12:55:52 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 13}, "dequbed": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "dequbed", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay containing mostly small utilities and less stable package versions"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-14 21:40:10 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "dev1990-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "dev1990-overlay", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay focused on Qt application development and 3d-printing."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Bartlomiej Burdukiewicz"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-19 21:36:17 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 248}, "devpump-gor": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "devpump-gor", "description": {"en": "DevPump Gentoo Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Matt Fleming"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2016-07-06 07:57:12 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 11}, "didactic-duck": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "didactic-duck", "description": {"en": "Some ebuilds that might work"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Lucian Poston"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-03-18 22:02:03 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 75}, "dilfridge": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "dilfridge", "description": {"en": "Dilfridge overlay: experimental ebuilds and lab software"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andreas K. Huettel (dilfridge)"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-24 13:15:08 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 17}, "displacer": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "displacer", "description": {"en": "Fixes and new unstable packages"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Igor Ulyanov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-01 16:16:15 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 17}, "distros": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "distros", "description": {"en": "Calculate Linux Profiles"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-12 00:04:10 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["calculate", "gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 0}, "djc": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "djc", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay; testing and early development"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dirkjan Ochtman"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2017-12-01 14:24:16 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 5}, "dlang": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "dlang", "description": {"en": "A collection of ebuilds related to the D programming\n    language."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-16 05:03:57 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 84}, "dm9pZCAq": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "dm9pZCAq", "description": {"en": "personal overlay with different packages, mainly with packages with KISS mindset"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "dm9pZCAq"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-21 16:52:17 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 30}, "dmchurch": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "dmchurch", "description": {"en": "Danielle Church's Portage overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Danielle Church"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-16 15:30:39 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "docker": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "docker", "description": {"en": "Overlay for docker by dotCloud"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Tianon Gravi"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2019-08-28 15:01:25 -0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 300}, "dotnet": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "dotnet", "description": {"en": "Experimental overlay for .NET packages."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Dotnet team"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-23 19:58:55 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 170}, "drdim": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "drdim", "description": {"en": "Gentoo Layman portage repository for Jetbrains Products"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dmitriy Bogatkin"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2016-04-14 05:51:00 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 44}, "dwfreed": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "dwfreed", "description": {"en": "My random Gentoo packages"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Douglas Freed"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2017-04-09 01:17:09 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 5}, "dwosky": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "dwosky", "description": {"en": "Dwosky's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pedro Arizmendi"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 20:09:00 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 15}, "earshark": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "earshark", "description": {"en": "personal overlay, mostly games related"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Valeriy"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-10 19:53:56 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 31}, "eclipse": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "eclipse", "description": {"en": "Community effort at packaging Eclipse Java SDK"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Eclipse team"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2017-06-24 14:34:45 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 13}, "edgets": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "edgets", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay that brings you the newest versions of modern software."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ivo \u0160merek"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 13:31:18 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 83}, "eigenlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "eigenlay", "description": {"en": "Eigenlab Gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Gioacchino Mazzurco"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-04-01 16:18:39 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 16}, "einflay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "einflay", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Einstok Fair"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-16 01:14:02 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 28}, "ejabberd": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ejabberd", "description": {"en": "Fresh ejabberd versions and dependencies"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sergey Ilinykh"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-04-30 13:18:01 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 0}, "electron": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "electron", "description": {"en": "Electron Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Elvis Pranskevichus"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-19 17:18:15 -0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 4}, "elementary": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "elementary", "description": {"en": "The elementary OS experience for Gentoo Linux. "}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pim Vullers"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-28 21:04:05 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 119}, "elopez-r-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "elopez-r-overlay", "description": {"en": "My Gentoo overlay for Ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Esteban L\u00f3pez Rodr\u00edguez"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-13 14:12:22 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 34}, "emacs": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "emacs", "description": {"en": "Provide Emacs and XEmacs related ebuilds which are\n    experimental or work-in-progress. Don't rely on them, but don't\n    hesitate to file bugs or write emails."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Gentoo Emacs team"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-02 15:03:42 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 33}, "enlightenment-live": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "enlightenment-live", "description": {"en": "Enlightenment WM latest stable version and live ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Raffaele Spinelli"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-08-19 09:54:21 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 21}, "ennui": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ennui", "description": {"en": "Facilitate running hardened-desktop hybrid system"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Nicholas Fish"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-04-17 23:15:42 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 39}, "equaeghe": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "equaeghe", "description": {"en": "Erik Quaeghebeur's personal Gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Erik Quaeghebeur"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-04 22:13:39 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 10}, "erayd": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "erayd", "description": {"en": "Various personal ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Steve Gilberd"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-07-20 17:20:54 +1200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 9}, "ethereum": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ethereum", "description": {"en": "The Ethereum blockchain-based distributed computing platform"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Rafael Lorandi"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-07 16:42:19 -0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 6}, "eugene-bright": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "eugene-bright", "description": {"en": "The personal overlay of Eugene Bright"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Eugene Bright"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-08-18 15:35:56 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 4}, "ext-devlibs": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ext-devlibs", "description": {"en": "Mostly c/c++ and python libraries"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "David Sveningsson"}], "source": [{"type": "svn", "uri": "svn://"}], "x-timestamp-command": ["git", "log", "--format=%ci", "-1"], "x-state": "SYNC_FAIL"}, "farmboy0": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "farmboy0", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Enrico Horn"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Enrico Horn"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-28 15:23:07 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 36}, "fem-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "fem-overlay", "description": {"en": "FeM Gentoo Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Paul Michel"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-20 00:46:36 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 123}, "ferki": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ferki", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds used and/or proxy maintained by FErki"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ferenc Erki"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-29 22:13:58 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 28}, "fidonet": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "fidonet", "description": {"en": "Overlay of Benny Pedersen"}, "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Benny Pedersen"}], "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-21 13:15:46.000000000 +0000\n", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 32}, "fkmclane": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "fkmclane", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of fkmclane containing patched ebuilds and new ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Foster McLane"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-04-28 18:35:22 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 112}, "flammie": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "flammie", "description": {"en": "An overlay for gentoo for things Flammie's worked on: Apertium, HFST, computational linguistics, spell-checking, obscure languages..."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Flammie Pirinen"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-14 10:23:00 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 30}, "flavour": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "flavour", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Wim Muskee"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Wim Muskee"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-18 11:01:37 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 45}, "flewkey-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "flewkey-overlay", "description": {"en": "Personal Gentoo overlay for flewkey"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ryan Fox"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-07 06:29:19 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 89}, "flightsim": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "flightsim", "description": {"en": "Overlay with packages for flight simulation, mainly related to X-Plane"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Rafael G. Martins"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2017-05-07 01:00:51 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 4}, "floppym": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "floppym", "description": {"en": "floppym's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mike Gilbert"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-11 17:41:02 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 4}, "flow": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "flow", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds by Florian Schmaus"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Florian Schmaus"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-13 11:32:41 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 115}, "flussence": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "flussence", "description": {"en": "Ant P.'s personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Anthony Parsons"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-03 15:01:21 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 52}, "fol4": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "fol4", "description": {"en": "fol4 overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mads"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 09:29:26 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 56}, "foo-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "foo-overlay", "description": {"en": "Piotr's fixes and new packages"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Piotr Karbowski"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-01-19 16:39:22 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 12}, "fordfrog": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "fordfrog", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Miroslav \u0160ulc"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-01 16:40:18 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 287}, "fowlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "fowlay", "description": {"en": "Collection of ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Rabbe Fogelholm"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2018-04-07 14:41:09 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 1}, "foxiverlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "foxiverlay", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay for unofficial ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jos\u00e9 Pekkarinen"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2019-10-26 17:15:39 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 8}, "fritteli": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "fritteli", "description": {"en": "fritteli's Gentoo Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Manuel Friedli"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-03 00:52:25 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 45}, "frostyx": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "frostyx", "description": {"en": "FrostyX's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "FrostyX"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2015-02-09 02:17:56 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 1}, "frr-gentoo": {"quality": "stable", "status": "official", "name": "frr-gentoo", "description": {"en": "Free Range Routing Gentoo Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel 'f0o' Preussker"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-01 08:18:20 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 47}, "fusion809": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "fusion809", "description": {"en": "Brenton's Portage overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Brenton Horne"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 08:56:32 +1000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 12}, "fuverlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "fuverlay", "description": {"en": "Funkill's overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Funkill"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-03 01:49:12 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 7}, "gamarouns": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gamarouns", "description": {"en": "Bits and pieces missing in gentoo or layman repos I need"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "amaroun"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-16 15:52:12 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 61}, "gambas-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gambas-overlay", "description": {"en": "Gambas IDE overlay for Gentoo Linux"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Roman Kuzmitsky"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2016-02-10 01:31:50 +0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 0}, "gamerlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gamerlay", "description": {"en": "\n      Gamers overlay for all various games. Not related with games team.\n    "}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-06-23 11:32:19 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 105}, "gcarq": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gcarq", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Michael Egger"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-02 03:28:03 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 8}, "genthree": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "genthree", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay from the genthree project"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "nyronium"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-04-18 16:27:50 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 49}, "gentoo": {"quality": "core", "status": "official", "name": "gentoo", "description": {"en": "Official Gentoo ebuild repository"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 21:57:27 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": [], "x-ebuild-count": 29828}, "gentoo-bootstrap": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gentoo-bootstrap", "description": {"en": "Overlay providing packages to bootstrap OpenJDK and Rust"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andrius \u0160tikonas"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-13 21:17:12 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 48}, "gentoo-clang": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gentoo-clang", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay providing patches to build entire system with clang"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexander Bilyak"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-05-29 09:13:01 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 12}, "gentoo-mate": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "gentoo-mate", "description": {"en": "Gentoo MATE Desktop Project Repo"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "MATE Desktop Project"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-07 22:21:22 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 175}, "gentoo-playground": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gentoo-playground", "description": {"en": "zeq's Playground for experimental ebuilds and eclasses"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Steven Newbury"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2019-05-24 17:39:11 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 32}, "gentoo-zh": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gentoo-zh", "description": {"en": "To provide programs useful to Chinese speaking users (merged\n      from gentoo-china and gentoo-taiwan)."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-24 01:50:51 +0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 381}, "gentoobr": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gentoobr", "description": {"en": "Overlay containing experimental packages developed\n      by the brazilian community, with focus on providing programs useful to\n      portuguese speaking users and introducing new people to contribute.", "pt": "Overlay contendo pacotes experimentais desenvolvidos\n      pela comunidade brasileira, com foco em oferecer programas \u00fateis \u00e0 falantes\n      da l\u00edngua portuguesa e em introduzir novas pessoas a contribuir."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Leonardo Henrique Neumann"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 01:06:25 -0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 20}, "gerislay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gerislay", "description": {"en": "A personal overlay with no specific focus (mainly to\n      test ebuilds). Highly experimental. It is meant as a playground for me,\n      but others might be interested."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "gerion"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-21 01:51:31 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 42}, "gig": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gig", "description": {"en": "Gig OS's Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-08 12:58:57 +0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 37}, "gitlab": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gitlab", "description": {"en": "Unofficial ebuilds for Gitlab"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel Morlock"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 21:20:24 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 34}, "glarbs-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "glarbs-overlay", "description": {"en": "A Gentoo overlay used by GLARBS.", "sv": "Ett Gentoo \u00f6verl\u00e4gg som anv\u00e4nds av GLARBS."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Emilia Trollros"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-22 19:46:06 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 21}, "glicOne": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "glicOne", "description": {"en": "glicOne Overlay with non existing in layman utils"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim Romaniuk"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2019-12-26 12:40:44 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 168}, "gnome": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "gnome", "description": {"en": "experimental gnome ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "GNOME team"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-07-03 14:43:46 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 120}, "gnome-next": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gnome-next", "description": {"en": "experimental newer gnome ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mikhail Pukhlikov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-24 14:17:52 +0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 192}, "gnuradio": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gnuradio", "description": {"en": "A repository for GNURadio packages/addons"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-04-01 15:09:34 -0600\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 126}, "gnustep": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "gnustep", "description": {"en": "Experimental ebuilds for GNUstep packages in Gentoo. Comments and bugreports are welcome!"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-14 17:11:46 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "gnux32": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gnux32", "description": {"en": "A personal overlay with ebuilds for the x32 ABI"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Matthias R\u00e4ncker"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-05-24 11:36:38 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 92}, "go-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "go-overlay", "description": {"en": "Golang related ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mauro Toffanin"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-19 18:48:55 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 242}, "godin": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "godin", "description": {"en": "Godin's Gentoo Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Evgeny Mandrikov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-02-20 12:08:54 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 14}, "goduck777": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "goduck777", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay containing some not-so-popular apps"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Chang Liu"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-16 23:07:27 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "goris": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "goris", "description": {"en": "Goris overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Norayr Mirakyan"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2015-10-16 19:37:55 +0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 8}, "graaff": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "graaff", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay of Hans de Graaff with mostly ruby and\n    xemacs ebuilds, and a few assorted other goodies."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Hans de Graaff"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 07:49:34 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 447}, "grub2-themes": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "grub2-themes", "description": {"en": "Overlay dedicated to Grub2 themes (of any distribution)"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sebastian Pipping"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2015-07-19 17:38:24 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 24}, "gsview-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "gsview-overlay", "description": {"en": "Overlay for the gsview and some other plotting/scientific soft"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Michael Uleysky"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-21 12:19:15 +1000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 12}, "guru": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "guru", "description": {"en": "GURU: Ebuild repository entirely maintained by Gentoo users"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "GURU"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 08:29:50 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 863}, "haarp": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "haarp", "description": {"en": "misc ebuilds that aren't in the main tree"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "haarp"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-19 23:50:01 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 46}, "hamper-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "hamper-overlay", "description": {"en": "User overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexander Pilipenko"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-20 12:26:17 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 19}, "han": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "han", "description": {"en": "Han's personal ebuild repository"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Han Mertens"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-16 23:35:24 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 8}, "hangul-typing": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "hangul-typing", "description": {"en": "It contains hangul-typing tutors."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "espresso tiger"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-23 22:47:42 +0900\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo", "haskell"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "haskell": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "haskell", "description": {"en": "The Official Gentoo Haskell overlay."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-24 06:51:31 +1100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2622}, "heindsight": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "heindsight", "description": {"en": "heindsight's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Heinrich Kruger"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-18 18:40:23 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 6}, "hering-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "hering-overlay", "description": {"en": "Richard Hering's gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Richard Hering"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-29 16:10:47 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 47}, "hexedit-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "hexedit-overlay", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds for infrastructure-related packages and my own projects"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Timofey Negrebetsky"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-02-27 10:06:44 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 18}, "hhvm": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "hhvm", "description": {"en": "hhvm gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alex Guzman"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2016-08-10 00:36:19 -0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "hibiscus": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "hibiscus", "description": {"en": "Hibiscus homebanking overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Fabian K\u00f6ster"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2015-10-28 17:09:06 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 22}, "holgersson-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "holgersson-overlay", "description": {"en": "Nils \"holgersson\" Freydank's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Nils Freydank"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-26 20:55:15 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 28}, "hossie": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "hossie", "description": {"en": "gentoo-overlay from hossie"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-28 17:01:31 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 76}, "ikelos": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ikelos", "description": {"en": "Ikelos's hospice for broken and damaged ebuilds."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mike Auty"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-13 17:07:02 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 126}, "imaging": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "imaging", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay for image processing and visualization"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-24 10:31:27 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 39}, "interactive-fiction": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "interactive-fiction", "description": {"en": "Packages for players and authors of interactive\n    fiction"}, "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-02-22 15:48:44 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 25}, "ixit": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ixit", "description": {"en": "iXit overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "David Heidelberger"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-11 15:08:56 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 7}, "jacendi-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "jacendi-overlay", "description": {"en": "id Software games overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vladimir Gavrilov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-07-09 12:35:42 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 14}, "jamesbroadhead": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "jamesbroadhead", "description": {"en": "James Broadhead's personal overlay and pre-sunrise testing ground"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "James Broadhead"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2017-02-25 09:15:45 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "java": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "java", "description": {"en": "Java overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Gentoo Java team"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-20 10:55:34 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 138}, "jboro-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "jboro-overlay", "description": {"en": "personal experimental ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "justin borodinsky"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2015-08-08 11:25:17 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "jkolo": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "jkolo", "description": {"en": "Jerzy Kolosowski's Gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jerzy Kolosowski"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-21 09:15:11 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 29}, "jm-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "jm-overlay", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay with more or less random ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jannis234"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-05 21:32:12 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 918}, "jmbsvicetto": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "jmbsvicetto", "description": {"en": "Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 09:20:47 -0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 77}, "jmesmon": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "jmesmon", "description": {"en": "miscellanious fixes, modifications, and newer versions of ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Cody Schafer"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-01 17:27:57 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 28}, "johnmh": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "johnmh", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of johnmh"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "John Harris"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2016-10-15 23:51:35 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "johu": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "johu", "description": {"en": "Johannes Huber developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Johannes Huber"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-04-18 11:42:18 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 5}, "jollheef-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "jollheef-overlay", "description": {"en": "Collection of various ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mikhail Klementyev"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-24 18:49:16 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 17}, "jorgicio": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "jorgicio", "description": {"en": "Gentoo repository made by Jorgicio."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jorge Pizarro Callejas"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-18 23:11:16 -0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 534}, "jsteward": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "jsteward", "description": {"en": "jsteward's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "KireinaHoro"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-01-25 14:30:10 +0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 14}, "junkdrawer": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "junkdrawer", "description": {"en": "Various development tools, libraries, and patches not in Gentoo (yet)"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel M. Weeks"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-15 22:56:05 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["dlang", "gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 450}, "k_f": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "k_f", "description": {"en": "K_F's personal overlay"}, "homepage": ";a=summary", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Kristian Fiskerstrand"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [";a=atom"], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-15 22:19:22 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 47}, "kaa": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "kaa", "description": {"en": "Kaa's experimental overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Oleg Kravchenko"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-29 00:30:45 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 25}, "kde": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "kde", "description": {"en": "Official KDE team's testing overlay."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "KDE Team"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 15:48:46 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 843}, "keepbot-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "keepbot-overlay", "description": {"en": "keepbot's personal ebuild repository"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dmitry Ivanov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-07-03 15:17:56 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 7}, "khoverlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "khoverlay", "description": {"en": "Khumba's overlay, mainly Haskell packages"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Bryan Gardiner"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-12 14:44:52 -0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 93}, "klondike": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "klondike", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds made and modified by klondike, mainly sound and virtualization"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-08-22 16:55:03 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 26}, "konsolebox": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "konsolebox", "description": {"en": "konsolebox's overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "konsolebox"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-06-20 01:31:57 +0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 34}, "kripton-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "kripton-overlay", "description": {"en": "Gentoo portage overlay with packages needed or developed by kripton"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jannis Achstetter"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-21 13:17:30 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 15}, "lacimarsik-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "lacimarsik-overlay", "description": {"en": "Various patches and improvements on Gentoo Linux ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ladislav Marsik"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2017-05-25 13:39:59 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 1}, "lanodanOverlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "lanodanOverlay", "description": {"en": "Additionnal goals; experiments, necromancy, portability, diversity, \u2026", "fr": "Buts additionnels; Exp\u00e9rimentations, n\u00e9cromancie, portabilit\u00e9e, diversit\u00e9e, \u2026"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-16 16:26:31 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 272}, "laurentb": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "laurentb", "description": {"en": "Various packages"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Laurent Bachelier"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-03-27 20:38:31 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 71}, "leechcraft": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "leechcraft", "description": {"en": "Overlay with LeechCraft ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Georg Rudoy"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-11 09:36:11 -0600\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 91}, "leio": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "leio", "description": {"en": "Mart Raudsepp developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mart Raudsepp"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-02-22 13:57:49 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 8}, "leonardohn": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "leonardohn", "description": {"en": "leonardohn personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Leonardo Neumann"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-26 01:02:11 -0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 6}, "levenkov": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "levenkov", "description": {"en": "levenkov personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Artem Levenkov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2015-02-20 13:13:52 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "librepilot": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "librepilot", "description": {"en": "Librepilot flight control software overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Paul Jewell"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 17:16:47 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 4}, "libressl": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "libressl", "description": {"en": "LibreSSL ebuilds testing repository"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-28 21:22:28 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 10}, "linux-be": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "linux-be", "description": {"en": "Port of Boot Environments for GNU/Linux"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Witaut Bajaryn"}, {"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Aleksander Mistewicz"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-12 19:09:26 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 8}, "linuxunderground-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "linuxunderground-overlay", "description": {"en": "experimental ebuilds from"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "linuxunderground"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-15 14:52:55 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 155}, "linxon": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "linxon", "description": {"en": "linxon personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "linxon"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-24 16:43:15 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 219}, "lisp": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "lisp", "description": {"en": "Common Lisp/Scheme development, recruitment and live overlay.\n    Support and feedback in `#gentoo-lisp' and via\n    `'."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-21 13:59:34 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 381}, "lmiphay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "lmiphay", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Paul Healy"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Paul Healy"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-05 11:45:30 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 255}, "lordvan": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "lordvan", "description": {"en": "LordVan's Developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Thomas Raschbacher"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-08 08:47:52 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 10}, "lto-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "lto-overlay", "description": {"en": "A Portage configuration for O3, Graphite, and LTO system-wide"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Shane Peelar"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-20 15:08:43 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo", "mv"], "x-ebuild-count": 10}, "luke-jr": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "luke-jr", "description": {"en": "Misc ebuilds by Luke-Jr"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-19 20:12:46 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 159}, "luxifer": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "luxifer", "description": {"en": "Personal Overlay, contains stoken ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dominik Keil"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2016-04-04 07:38:43 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "lxde-gtk3": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "lxde-gtk3", "description": {"en": "lxde-gtk3 overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Konstantin"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-02-12 16:03:52 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 18}, "maekke": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "maekke", "description": {"en": "Markus Meier developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Markus Meier"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-24 18:38:30 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 20}, "maggu2810-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "maggu2810-overlay", "description": {"en": "maggu2810's Gentoo portage overlay."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Markus Rathgeb"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-08-29 18:09:14 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 38}, "mate-de-gentoo": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "mate-de-gentoo", "description": {"en": "Updated ebuilds for mate-desktop environment"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "OzTiram"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-24 15:34:40 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 259}, "matrix": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "matrix", "description": {"en": "Overlay containing clients, servers and services for the Matrix protocol", "nl": "Overlay met clients, servers en services voor het Matrix protocol"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stefan Strogin"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-15 18:52:27 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 17}, "megacoffee": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "megacoffee", "description": {"en": "Mixed ebuilds from various sources: self-written missing ebuilds, more current ebuilds, ebuilds that just needed a slight update from official portage, ebuilds others posted on Gentoo Bugzilla, ebuilds with added patches, old ebuilds that were removed from official portage etc.", "de": "Verschiedene ebuilds aus verschiedenen Quellen: selbsterstellte ebuilds, ebuilds mit geringf\u00fcgigen \u00c4nderungen, gegen\u00fcber dem aktuellen Baum, ebuilds aus Gentoos Bugzilla, ebuilds mit erweiterten patches, alte ebuilds die nicht mehr im offiziellen Baum existieren, etc."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "MegaCoffee"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-08-08 14:26:11 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo", "go-overlay"], "x-ebuild-count": 41}, "menelkir": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "menelkir", "description": {"en": "Various ebuilds from different sources"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel Menelkir"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-15 15:03:48 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 431}, "metahax": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "metahax", "description": {"en": "Some ebuilds that didn't seem to exist yet."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Miles V."}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-03 12:51:45 -0600\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 17}, "milos-rs": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "milos-rs", "description": {"en": "A pocket repository for few unavailable packages"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Milo\u0161 E. \u0110ur\u0111evi\u0107"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-09 04:50:35 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "miramir": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "miramir", "description": {"en": "Miramir repository"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-10-15 16:35:57 +0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 47}, "mkeyoverlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "mkeyoverlay", "description": {"en": "Overlay of Markus Knetschke"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Markus Knetschke"}], "source": [{"type": "mercurial", "uri": ""}, {"type": "mercurial", "uri": "ssh://"}], "feed": ["", ""], "x-timestamp-command": ["hg", "log", "-l", "1", "--template={date|isodatesec}"], "x-state": "SYNC_FAIL"}, "mklich": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "mklich", "description": {"en": "For learning purposes."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Micha\u0142 Klich"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2015-09-24 07:21:41 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "mkr-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "mkr-overlay", "description": {"en": "MalakymR's overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-03-12 11:24:30 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "moaxcp": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "moaxcp", "description": {"en": "gentoo overlay for packages"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "John Mercier"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2015-08-11 18:15:55 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 1}, "moexiami": {"quality": "testing", "status": "unofficial", "name": "moexiami", "description": {"en": "Contains updated ebuilds (w/ more feature/control)\n      for packages in the Gentoo tree, latest version ebuilds and newpackages\n      not yet in the tree. Targeting high-quality for production use."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Xiami"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-07 11:48:24 +0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 8}, "moltonel": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "moltonel", "description": {"en": "Vincent de Phily's private overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vincent de Phily"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-26 18:30:33 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 11}, "monero": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "monero", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds for the Monero cryptocurrency and\n      related software."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Matt Smith"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-19 22:24:23 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 20}, "mozilla": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "mozilla", "description": {"en": "New mozilla development that is not yet in tree"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-05-03 19:48:39 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 6}, "mrhappyhof-gentoo": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "mrhappyhof-gentoo", "description": {"en": "mr_happy_hof's personal Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "mr_happy_hof"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-03 10:26:57 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 1}, "mschiff": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "mschiff", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Marc Schiffbauer"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-08 01:02:40 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 9}, "multilib-portage": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "multilib-portage", "description": {"en": "multilib-overlay: emul-linux-x86 must die ;)"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Thomas Sachau"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 11:00:24 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 22}, "musl": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "musl", "description": {"en": "musl development overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Gentoo musl team"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 19:48:23 -0600\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 186}, "musl-clang": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "musl-clang", "description": {"en": "musl clang/libc++ overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Bjorn Pagen"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2018-03-01 16:56:29 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["musl", "gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 1}, "mv": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "mv", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds for packages not in the Gentoo tree\n        (lack of maintainer or too experimental) and live ebuilds\n        or extensions/bugfixes for packages in the tree"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Martin V\u00e4th"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-20 20:50:01 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 160}, "mva": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "mva", "description": {"en": "mva's sandbox overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-11 13:01:24 +0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 545}, "myrvolay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "myrvolay", "description": {"en": "myrvogna's personal Gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Octiabrina Terrien-Puig"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 12:46:31 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 16}, "mysql": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "mysql", "description": {"en": "Gentoo MySQL overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "MySQL Team"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-08-26 10:13:26 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 39}, "natinst": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "natinst", "description": {"en": "VISA and National Instruments drivers"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andrew Ammerlaan"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-03 14:29:09 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 1644}, "nelson-graca": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "nelson-graca", "description": {"en": "Nelson Gra\u00e7a personal Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Nelson Gra\u00e7a"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-14 20:06:52 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 36}, "nest": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "nest", "description": {"en": "Personal Gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vladimir Pavljuchenkov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-17 00:39:51 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 944}, "nextoo": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "nextoo", "description": {"en": "Nextoo (\"Next Gentoo\") overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Aaron Ten Clay"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2017-02-20 15:50:13 -0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 21}, "nico": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "nico", "description": {"en": "various ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Nico Suhl"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-02-25 19:06:03 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 0}, "nitratesky": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "nitratesky", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Vladimir Timofeenko"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vladimir Timofeenko"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-19 11:42:10 -0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo", "nest"], "x-ebuild-count": 27}, "nix-guix": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "nix-guix", "description": {"en": "Overlay for nix anf guix functional package managers"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sergei Trofimovich"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-18 13:37:07 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 12}, "np-hardass-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "np-hardass-overlay", "description": {"en": "NP-Hardass's Personal Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "NP-Hardass"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-21 15:12:55 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 36}, "nx": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "nx", "description": {"en": "Overlay for the NX/FreeNX packages for Gentoo."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2018-08-08 21:48:58 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 4}, "oboeverlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "oboeverlay", "description": {"en": "ChrisOboe's overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Chris Oboe"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-04-14 16:50:35 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 60}, "observer": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "observer", "description": {"en": "Contains ebuilds I need, but not in Gentoo portage tree yet."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Chen Meng"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-11 07:21:32 +0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 22}, "octopus": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "octopus", "description": {"en": "Own and claimed ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Bfgeshka"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-10 17:06:46 +0900\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 26}, "oddlama": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "oddlama", "description": {"en": "oddlama's gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "oddlama"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-11-07 16:48:30 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 6}, "olifre": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "olifre", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Oliver Freyermuth."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Oliver Freyermuth"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-21 13:50:22 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 13}, "openclonk": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "openclonk", "description": {"en": "Overlay for the game OpenClonk"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Julius Michaelis"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-07-30 23:29:47 +0900\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "openwrt": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "openwrt", "description": {"en": "Overlay for network configuration packages found in OpenWRT"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pavel \u0160imerda"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2016-09-14 11:46:36 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 8}, "optmzr": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "optmzr", "description": {"en": "Overlay with some goodies not found elsewhere"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "William Wennerstr\u00f6m"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-03-19 12:26:26 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 7}, "oubliette": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "oubliette", "description": {"en": "personal overlay of forgotten ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "nic"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-16 12:29:42 -0600\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 57}, "overseerr-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "overseerr-overlay", "description": {"en": "third party overlay to install overseerr"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Chris Pritchard"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 00:06:30 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 8}, "palemoon": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "palemoon", "description": {"en": "Unofficial Gentoo overlay for the Pale Moon ( web browser."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "deu"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-22 19:00:14 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 10}, "palmer": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "palmer", "description": {"en": "User overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Palmer Dabbelt"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2019-09-03 17:07:10 -0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 64}, "panther": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "panther", "description": {"en": "Fun useful packages not found elsewhere"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jacob Glueck"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-11 16:52:39 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 26}, "pdilung": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "pdilung", "description": {"en": "Personal Gentoo overlay of Pavol Dilung"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pavol Dilung"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2016-09-25 19:28:59 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 1}, "pentoo": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "pentoo", "description": {"en": "The overlay contains new or updated security tools."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 08:47:25 +0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 1324}, "perl-experimental": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "perl-experimental", "description": {"en": "Experimental ebuilds for Perl packages in Gentoo. Comments and\n    bugreports are welcome!"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Perl Team"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-08-26 10:49:03 +1200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 761}, "perl-experimental-snapshots": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "perl-experimental-snapshots", "description": {"en": "Unofficial mirror of overlay \"perl-experimental\" with metadata cache"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Kent Fredric"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-08-26 11:01:24 +1200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 761}, "petkovich": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "petkovich", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Jean-Christophe Petkovich"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jean-Christophe Petkovich"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-07 20:32:33 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 54}, "pf4public": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "pf4public", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "PF4Public"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 18:27:36 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 55}, "pg_overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "pg_overlay", "description": {"en": "User overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Perfect Gentleman"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 20:31:04 +0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 258}, "phackerlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "phackerlay", "description": {"en": "Overlay for phackers"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexander B. Ustinov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-16 21:36:28 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 46}, "pholthaus-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "pholthaus-overlay", "description": {"en": "pholthaus' personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Patrick Holthaus"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-06 08:32:49 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "pica-pica": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "pica-pica", "description": {"en": "Pica Pica ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Anton Sviridenko"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-02-12 19:28:26 +0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "picarica-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "picarica-overlay", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay for apps that dont exist or are unmaintaned"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "George Bucek"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-03-21 15:52:44 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 12}, "pigfoot": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "pigfoot", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds for experimental packages and chinese patches"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "pigfoot"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-17 20:15:56 +0800\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 68}, "piniverlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "piniverlay", "description": {"en": "Various packages and patches for developers"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pierre-Nicolas Clauss"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-14 18:44:03 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "pinkbyte": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "pinkbyte", "description": {"en": "Pinkbyte's developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sergey Popov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-12 15:50:52 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 27}, "pixlra": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "pixlra", "description": {"en": "Pixlra collaborative overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Joao Carreira"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 15:25:49 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 15}, "pkalin": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "pkalin", "description": {"en": "My Gentoo overlay, somewhat regularly maintained"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Kalin KOZHUHAROV"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-09-24 01:20:19 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 97}, "plex-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "plex-overlay", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of comio containing Plex related ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Luigi Mantellini"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-21 19:04:43 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 17}, "poly-c": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "poly-c", "description": {"en": "Polynomial-C's overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Lars Wendler"}], "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 13:59:50.000000000 +0000\n", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 373}, "posativ": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "posativ", "description": {"en": "Overlay of Martin Zimmermann"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Martin Zimmermann"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2017-12-14 22:17:44 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 20}, "powerman": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "powerman", "description": {"en": "Overlay of Alex Efros"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alex Efros"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-02 18:14:26 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 132}, "ppfeufer-gentoo-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ppfeufer-gentoo-overlay", "description": {"en": "ppfeufer's personal overlay."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Peter Pfeufer"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 12:23:09 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 43}, "pross": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "pross", "description": {"en": "Up to date ck-sources"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Simon Prosser"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 04:48:50 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 6}, "pyfa": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "pyfa", "description": {"en": "Newest versions of Pyfa (Python fitting assistant for EVE Online)"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andreas Zuber"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-10 09:18:09 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "python": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "python", "description": {"en": "Python project repository"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Gentoo Python project"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2019-12-29 12:56:32 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 2}, "qemu-init": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "qemu-init", "description": {"en": "qemu init script and tools"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Brian Dolbec"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2016-03-23 10:53:56 -0700\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 1}, "qgp": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "qgp", "description": {"en": "qgp overlay (mostly computing and HEP)"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jochen Klein"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-08-11 19:51:33 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 14}, "qownnotes-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "qownnotes-overlay", "description": {"en": "QOwnNotes overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Patrizio Bekerle"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 14:11:18 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 547}, "qsx": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "qsx", "description": {"en": "qsx\u2019 ebuilds"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Thomas Schneider"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-07 01:44:36 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 23}, "qt": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "qt", "description": {"en": "Official testing overlay for Qt and related packages, provided\n    by Gentoo's Qt team. Contains ebuilds for Qt4 and Qt5 prereleases and live ebuilds,\n    plus various (non-KDE) applications and utilities that use Qt."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Qt Team"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-15 11:26:30 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 86}, "quarks": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "quarks", "description": {"en": "Quarks's overlay; needful things around Security, Penetration Testing and gaming"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stefan Reimer"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-11 11:35:57 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 39}, "qwin-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "qwin-overlay", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay with some patched packages."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2017-10-21 16:11:32 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 6}, "rafaelmartins": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "rafaelmartins", "description": {"en": "Rafael Martins' Gentoo overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Rafael G. Martins"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2015-10-19 20:09:06 -0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 27}, "rage": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "rage", "description": {"en": "rage's personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Lucas Ramage"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-06-24 07:51:33 -0400\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 48}, "raiagent": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "raiagent", "description": {"en": "Well-documented ebuilds en-route to a bandersnatch near you"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Cecil Curry"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-30 02:10:31 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 113}, "rasdark": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "rasdark", "description": {"en": "rasdark personal overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andrey Senik"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-18 07:27:03 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["calculate", "gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 54}, "raw": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "raw", "description": {"en": "some raw stuff"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Denis Kaganovich (aka Dzianis Kahanovich)"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-16 01:31:49 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 59}, "rdnetto-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "rdnetto-overlay", "description": {"en": "Personal Overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Reuben D'Netto"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-04 12:01:09 +1100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 95}, "reagentoo": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "reagentoo", "description": {"en": "reagentoo's overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-11 18:36:28 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 80}, "regina-gentoo": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "regina-gentoo", "description": {"en": "Regina packages for Gentoo"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "William Pettersson"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-01-19 11:59:50 +0000\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 3}, "ricerlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ricerlay", "description": {"en": "Overlay for ricing enthusiasts"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "azahi"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 15:25:31 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 89}, "rich0": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "official", "name": "rich0", "description": {"en": "Rich0's developer overlay"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Richard Freeman"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-21 17:22:03 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 55}, "ring-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ring-overlay", "description": {"en": "Ring is free software for universal communication which respects freedoms and privacy of its users."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stefan Langenmaier"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-04-17 10:23:59 +0200\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 49}, "rion": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "rion", "description": {"en": "Russian overlay with a some patched and specific\n    software"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sergey Ilinykh"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-22 13:04:22 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 109}, "riru": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "riru", "description": {"en": "Home overlay for development, patches and live ebuilds", "ru": "\u0414\u043e\u043c\u0430\u0448\u043d\u0438\u0439 \u043e\u0432\u0435\u0440\u043b\u0435\u0439 \u0434\u043b\u044f \u0440\u0430\u0437\u0440\u0430\u0431\u043e\u0442\u043a\u0438, \u043f\u0430\u0442\u0447\u0435\u0439 \u0438 \u043b\u0430\u0439\u0432 \u0435\u0431\u0438\u043b\u0434\u043e\u0432"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pavel Kulyov"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-04 16:40:03 +0300\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 21}, "robert7k": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "robert7k", "description": {"en": "personal overlay of robert7k"}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-16 00:40:14 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 41}, "robertgzr": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "robertgzr", "description": {"en": "robertgzr's personal overlay."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Robert G\u00fcnzler"}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "ssh://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "GOOD", "x-timestamp": "2021-01-23 01:32:37 +0100\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "x-ebuild-count": 55}, "ros-overlay": {"quality": "experimental", "status": "unofficial", "name": "ros-overlay", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds for the Robot Operating System (ROS)."}, "homepage": "", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "feed": [""], "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "x-timestamp": "2020-12-10 13:59:23 -0500\n", "x-openpgp-signed": "E"</