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* package.json: pin @gentoo/tyrian to v2.0.0 before updatesHEADmasterRobin H. Johnson2023-05-241-1/+1
* Fix the size of the contributor's iconsMax Magorsch2020-03-232-1/+7
* Use https for the gravatar placeholderMax Magorsch2020-03-093-3/+3
* Correctly display universe feeds of gentoo devsMax Magorsch2020-03-094-10/+11
* Fix the atom feeds so that they are validMax Magorsch2020-03-092-22/+20
* Add rss and atom feedsMax Magorsch2020-03-096-2/+198
* Fix minor typo in contributors pageRafael G. Martins2020-03-071-1/+1
* Fix the planet pluto link in the footerMax Magorsch2020-03-063-3/+3
* Add a search functionalityMax Magorsch2020-03-045-35/+103
* Adjust the appearance to match the old planetMax Magorsch2020-03-041-17/+28
* Use loofah instead of textify for sanitizationMax Magorsch2020-03-043-6/+10
* Fix 'lsat updated' in the footerMax Magorsch2020-03-033-3/+3
* Replace the prepare script by relative pathsMax Magorsch2020-03-012-29/+26
* Fix the npm prepare scriptMax Magorsch2020-03-011-1/+1
* Fix package.jsonMax Magorsch2020-03-011-1/+1
* Add a npm prepare script to install dependenciesMax Magorsch2020-03-011-0/+3
* Add initial version of the tyrian pluto themeMax Magorsch2020-03-0110-0/+1212