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+[14:01:01] <ChrisADR> !proj security
+[14:01:02] <willikins> ChrisADR: ( ackle, blueknight, bman, chrisadr, creffett, k_f, pinkbyte, whissi, zlogene, zx2c4
+[14:01:07] <ChrisADR> someone in the mood for a meeting? :P
+[14:01:20] <ChrisADR> you don't count k_f, you need to rest :P
+[14:01:30] -*- Whissi is hungry
+[14:01:33] <K_F> well, I'm around anyways
+[14:01:42] <K_F> but not really that much up on agenda , so should be a quick one anyways
+[14:02:11] <ChrisADR> yeah this will be really quick I guess :)
+[14:02:13] -*- ChrisADR here
+[14:02:22] <ChrisADR> so, first and pretty much only topic
+[14:03:00] <ChrisADR> Whissi: we have a document pretty much done, I still need to fix some wording in the "security lead is approved by council" phrase, but besides that is pretty much done
+[14:03:36] <Whissi> Where do I find the current draft?
+[14:03:40] <Whissi> Still the git repo?
+[14:03:44] <K_F> yup
+[14:03:45] <ChrisADR> private repo
+[14:03:54] <ChrisADR> documentation/security_structure*.rst
+[14:05:08] <ChrisADR> so, for this time, I'll fix that pending line, if you have any other feedback you'd like to share, then in the next meeting we should vote if we agree in presenting said document to the community
+[14:05:16] <ChrisADR> i.e. public ml phase
+[14:05:37] <Whissi> I'll read and comment tomorrow.
+[14:05:49] <ChrisADR> awesome :) thanks
+[14:06:11] <Whissi> awesome would be, if would have done this before THIS meeting :D
+[14:06:39] <ChrisADR> hehe sorry... two jobs is quite a lot of time not being able to do sec stuff in the laptop
+[14:06:59] <K_F> ChrisADR: might want to send it out in full text on security alias for easier commenting?
+[14:07:16] <ChrisADR> ok sure, great idea
+[14:07:19] <K_F> full text (attachment) , I guest most email clients will inline it properly
+[14:07:25] <K_F> but avoid wrapping issues
+[14:07:57] <ChrisADR> yeah, let's send the full text and see how it goes :)
+[14:08:38] <ChrisADR> ok, if nothing else in that topic we move on directly to the open floor since I haven't send the email to hardening team (sorry again :( )
+[14:09:24] <K_F> ChrisADR: you've had more important things to take care of, good to hear things are going better
+[14:09:52] <K_F> the wiki page/handbook has been there for a long time, some more weeks won't hurt anyone
+[14:10:02] <Whissi> ACK
+[14:10:06] <ChrisADR> hehe great then :)
+[14:10:25] <ChrisADR> ohh btw, look what we learned yesterday in a group I'm running here in Lima
+[14:10:30] <ChrisADR> big offtopic link
+[14:10:31] <ChrisADR>
+[14:11:23] <ChrisADR> but besides the offtopic pic, if there is nothing else to add... I guess we just had the fastest meeting ever :)
+[14:11:42] <ChrisADR> should I bang the gavel already?
+[14:12:11] <K_F> :)
+[14:12:14] <K_F> wfm
+[14:12:25] <ChrisADR> ok Whissi go get something to eat :)
+[14:12:30] -*- ChrisADR bangs the gavel
+[14:12:44] <ChrisADR> thank you both it was nice and fun, every meeting should be like this :P
+[14:12:53] <Whissi> Thanks! :)
+[14:13:20] <Whissi> awesome meeting moderation! Looking forward for detailed meeting logs! :-)