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* insert many new projects and update all manifest filesDaniel Nagy2012-10-093-8/+8
* code cleanup a la repomanDaniel Nagy2012-06-142-2/+2
* adding cpp-netlibDaniel Nagy2012-04-263-0/+74
* adding boost dependency to curlppDaniel Nagy2011-11-112-2/+2
* remove commentDaniel Nagy2011-10-222-3/+1
* fixing libwebsockets bugDaniel Nagy2011-10-222-5/+6
* adding libwebsockets and httyDaniel Nagy2011-10-213-0/+57
* QA, adding metadata and jquery tools and flotDaniel Nagy2011-06-143-3/+14
* adding curlppDaniel Nagy2011-06-132-0/+32