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* Jameica 2.6.0, Hibiscus 2.6.0 and needed dependenciesFabian Köster2013-12-217-0/+308
* Initial ebuilds for jameica and hibiscus 2.6.0 (not working yet)Fabian Köster2013-12-203-0/+6
* Use find to build a list of all unit test classesFabian Köster2013-04-152-9/+5
* Tested on ~x86Fabian Köster2013-03-293-4/+4
* Disable unit tests for nowFabian Köster2013-04-153-5/+19
* Update manifestFabian Köster2013-03-291-1/+1
* Tested spiffy on x86Fabian Köster2013-03-291-1/+1
* ebuild quality improvementsFabian Köster2013-03-2812-129/+123
* Improve spiffy ebuild after review from Gentoo devsFabian Köster2013-03-273-12/+25
* Improve spiffy ebuild after review from Gentoo devsFabian Köster2013-03-273-37/+28
* Initial packaging of DKB visa script for jameica-scriptingFabian Köster2013-03-2513-2/+287
* Jameica Scripting plugin now functionalFabian Köster2013-03-222-0/+79
* * Eclipse dependencies in own packages (not build from source yet)Fabian Köster2013-03-2121-40/+555
* Add ebuilds for jameica, hibiscus 2.4.xFabian Köster2013-03-206-1/+181
* Change amd64 to ~amd64Fabian Köster2013-03-201-1/+1
* Add ebuild for jameica.scriptingFabian Köster2012-10-275-86/+131
* Drop oldFabian Köster2012-10-278-225/+0
* Initial commitFabian Köster2012-10-2727-0/+1092