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net-news/rssdler removal
- removing this ebuild - I no longer use this package, the project is dead & the ebuild needs to be ported to distutils-r1.eclass. https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=609868
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-# ChangeLog for www-client/rssdler
-# Copyright 1999-2011 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
-# $Header: $
-*rssdler-0.4.2 (06 Aug 2011)
- 2011-09-06 18:30 +0100; James Broadhead <jamesbroadhead@gmail.com> portage-overlay/net-news/rssdler/Changelog portage-overlay/net-news/rssdler/Manifest portage-overlay/net-news/rssdler/metadata.xml portage-overlay/net-news/rssdler/rssdler-0.4.2.ebuild:
- rssdler.ebuild: Merge with xmw overlay.
-*rssdler-0.4.2 (06 Aug 2011)
- 2011-09-06 15:50 +0100; James Broadhead <jamesbroadhead@gmail.com> portage-overlay/net-news/rssdler/Manifest portage-overlay/net-news/rssdler/files/rssdler.man portage-overlay/net-news/rssdler/rssdler-0.4.2.ebuild:
- Fixed + Addded man page
-*rssdler-0.4.2 (28 Feb 2011)
- 28 Feb 2011; James Broadhead <jamesbroadhead@gmail.com> rssdler-0.4.2.ebuild
- Initial import from bgo.
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-AUX rssdler.man 16904 SHA256 5c67b14f5f97e1e89a82a0a6c42c78d65349e71506a36bdd568d4180885ce742 SHA512 48063714248ee68a093d5ec18aa68b45aa917577a38ffeb25f7c1a12cbab4fcefdca4cf1b8dc252de6ed4e99f2205f201a417ae5244fe5a7633e6a756d6edf65 WHIRLPOOL 01e7d3f01951fd132d62b6777b2b7ccce51e2f96373dbede2247c3615f6fc6d6c329a323bf3fc00a4182859d73f47c3dfb326a154f77a98ff2be430dd04cf034
-DIST rssdler-0.4.2.tar.gz 36612 SHA256 96e1fefd1a6a3325aee1778fcf5ca115dcfb924047024f70e1ddd869017829ce SHA512 10e95178c8ee45a6237320ae9d452fee18d0fd01a6c223b0f4017deaeefc3ad583ae008ae6b9e50245176cc45f964d7cacd0f9ae6a66b242560ab598e9193b94 WHIRLPOOL 38275e7971bd910290e1f2246ad301147f3fb3f5f9726c818b64aa45edef09c62bd7ffe3e21f0e245bdff9b4aa80e22547ec378de9d07a359df4d483103a0d69
-EBUILD rssdler-0.4.2.ebuild 1201 SHA256 67a4e21a7ce69bcf2a2c46abcfbeec3f434601a4fa5e9bb4f71f928643196182 SHA512 98d49079d7afcdd8784ce6fdfb537d7fd35ad0cadf7d941d2c717685b7a0a60ddd984f92d61d77ab3396f1cf292ac45b689cea06184667031789dec9c6077e6c WHIRLPOOL 19700f1616268a80ad265e23b63b7888bcb7450f8c18ea30320a6da1559b4e0f3e67da00ef268bbf3634bb0a38845a141b34ffc5cb6e768c6caf5f198680d625
-MISC Changelog 861 SHA256 e8bfe2d513b94bfde57a45bd16cc7a37dd50bb95bc7bbad53ebd89517684db40 SHA512 56fb613e476db65394941f0a3c8201463a235604170f01d1d453ca0ef75e31e6fe11c0906c1f4eec19f4aee5ade46e97c6af2ea604a41162263eda3ebae2df21 WHIRLPOOL c691ea6ff1922beeaf50957b29b9aeb3261376e07786b522b4435387925ac616b2284d63b1e243e28ec352bec3fa62bd98613404ea16412ce8bb0acdbae0606f
-MISC metadata.xml 256 SHA256 5978bae604eea8369374e72ab1617bc3da0d646643f3969b703e500a2e2482b4 SHA512 daa475ce91e948d50f60c7e356f3eacd4db27a295e65e7b944547a0830062a581de320a9fab7dd3acc18bd0c03e2bf05203142a5ebf72762407aed2283e42631 WHIRLPOOL 5336b11f83d32551fb186300212991c29cba051ce6002e3ac5c8d329f8fff39932b1a1061cd88b1066ec7d20b97538c2c8c7f3b6933ba0735398e3ca715d37b2
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-RSSDler is a Python based program to automatically grab the
- link elements of an rss feed, aka an RSS broadcatcher.
-Note: This man page has been created from http://code.google.com/p/rssdler/wiki/HelpMessage
-It happens to work just fine for grabbing RSS feeds of torrents, so called
- torrent broadcatching. It may also used with podcasts and such.
- Though designed with an eye toward rtorrent, it should work with any
- torrenting program that can read torrent files written to a directory. It
- does not explicitly interface with rtorrent in anyway and therefore has no
- dependency on it.
-Effort has been put into keeping the program from crashing from random errors
- like bad links and such. Try to be careful when setting up your
- configuration file. If you are having problems, try to start with a very
- basic setup and slowly increase its complexity. You need to have a basic
- understanding of regular expressions to setup the regex and download<x>
- options, which is probably necessary to broadcatch in an efficient manner.
- If you do not know what and/or how to use regular expressions, google is
- your friend. If you are having problems that you believe are RSSDler's
- fault, post an issue:
- http://code.google.com/p/rssdler/issues/list
- or post a message on:
- http://groups.google.com/group/rssdler.
- Please be sure to include as much information as you can.
-Command Line Options:
- --config/-c can be used with all the options except --comment-config, --help
- --comment-config: Prints a commented config file to stdout
- --help/-h: print the short help message (command line options)
- --full-help/-f: print the complete help message (quite long)
- --run/-r: run according to the configuration file
- --runonce/-o: run only once then exit
- --daemon/-d: run in the background (Unix-like only)
- --kill/-k: kill the currently running instance (may not work on Windows)
- --config/-c: specify a config file (default /home/james/.rssdler/config.txt).
- --list-failed: Will list the urls of all the failed downloads
- --purge-failed: Use to clear the failed download queue.
- Use when you have a download stuck (perhaps removed from the site or
- wrong url in RSS feed) and you no longer care about RSSDler attempting
- to grab it. Will be appended to the saved download list to prevent
- readdition to the failed queue.
- Should be used alone or with -c/--config. Exits after completion.
- --list-saved: Will list everything that has been registered as downloaded.
- --purge-saved: Clear the list of saved downloads, not stored anywhere.
- --state/-s: Will return the process ID if another instance is running with.
- Otherwise exits with return code 1
- Note for Windows: will return the pid found in daemonInfo,
- regardless of whether it is currently running.
- --set-default-config: [No longer available. Deprecated]
-Non-standard Python libraries used:
- feedparser: [REQUIRED] http://www.feedparser.org/
- mechanize: [RECOMMENDED] http://wwwsearch.sourceforge.net/mechanize/
- For debian based distros:
- "sudo apt-get install python-feedparser python-mechanize"
-Security Note:
- I keep getting notes about people running as root. DO NOT DO THAT!
-Configuration File:
-There are two types of sections: global and threads.
-There can be as many thread sections as you wish, but only one global section.
-global must be named "global." Threads can be named however you wish,
-except 'global,' and each name should be unique.
-With a couple of noted exceptions, there are three types of options:
-Boolean Options: 'True' is indicated by "True", "yes", or "1".
- "False" is indicated by "False", "no", or "0" (without the quotes)
-Integer Options: Just an integer. 1, 2, 10, 2348. Not 1.1, 2.0, 999.3 or 'a'.
-String Options: any string, should make sense in terms of the option
- being provided (e.g. a valid file/directory on disk; url to rss feed)
-Required indicates RSSDler will not work if the option is not set.
-Recommended indicates that the default is probably not what you want.
-Optional is not necessarily not recommended, just each case determines use
-Run with --comment-config to see what a configuration file would look like.
- e.g. rssdler --comment-config > .config.txt.sample
-Global Options:
- downloadDir: [Recommended] A string option. Default is workingDir.
- Set to a directory where downloaded files will go.
- workingDir: [Optional] A string option. Default is ${HOME}/.rssdler.
- Directory rssdler switches to, relative paths are relative to this
- minSize: [Optional] An integer option. Default None. Specify, in MB.
- the minimum size for a download to be.
- Files less than this size will not be saved to disk.
- maxSize: [Optional] An integer option. Default None. Specify, in MB.
- the maximum size for a download to be.
- Files greater than this size will not be saved to disk.
- log: [Optional] An integer option. Default 0. Write meassages a log file
- (specified by logFile). See verbose for what options mean.
- logFile: [Optional] A string option. Default downloads.log. Where to log to.
- verbose: [Optional] An integer option, Default 3. Lower decreases output.
- 5 is absurdly verbose, 1 is major errors only.
- Set to 0 to disable. Errors go to stderr, others go to stdout.
- cookieFile: [Optional] A string option. Default 'None'. The file on disk,
- in Netscape Format (requires headers)(unless otherwise specified)
- that has cookie data for whatever site(s) you have set that require it.
- cookieType: [Optional] A string option. Default 'MozillaCookieJar.'
- Possible values (case sensitive): 'MozillaCookieJar', 'LWPCookieJar',
- 'MSIECookieJar', 'Firefox3', 'Safari', 'KDE'. Only mechanize supports MSIECookieJar.
- Program will exit with error if you try to use urllib and MSIECookieJar.
- Firefox3 requires that you use Python 2.5+, specifically sqlite3 must be
- available.
- Safari requires xml.dom.minidom and is experimental
- scanMins: [Optional] An integer option. Default 15. Values are in minutes.
- The number of minutes between scans.
- If a feed uses the <ttl> tag, it will be respected.
- If you have scanMins set to 10 and the site sets <ttl>900</ttl>
- (900 seconds; 15 mins); then the feed will be scanned every other time.
- More formally, the effective scan time for each thread is:
- for X = global scanMins, Y = ttl: min{nX | nX >= Y ; n ∈ ℕ}
- sleepTime: [Optional] An integer option. Default 1. Values are in seconds.
- Amount of time to pause between fetches of urls.
- Some servers do not like when they are hit too quickly,
- causing weird errors (e.g. inexplicable logouts).
- runOnce: [Optional] A boolean option, default False.
- Set to True to force RSSDler to exit after it has scanned
- urllib: [Optional]. Boolean Option. Default False. Do not use mechanize.
- You lose several pieces of functionality.
- 1) Referers will no longer work. On most sites, this will not be a
- problem, but some sites require referers and will deny requests
- if the referer is not passed back to the site.
- 2) Some sites have various 'refresh' mechanisms that may redirect you
- around before actually giving you the file to download.
- Mechanize has the ability to follow these sites.
- noClobber: [Optional] Boolean. Default True. Overwrite file, or use new name
- rssFeed: [Optional] Boolean Option. Default False. Setting this option
- allows you to create your own rss feed of the objects you have
- downloaded. It's a basic feed, likely to not include links to the
- original files. The related rss items (all are required if this is set
- to True):
- rssLength: [Optional] Integer. Default 20. An integer. How many entries
- should the RSS feed store before it starts dropping old items. 0 means
- that the feed will never be truncated.
- rssTitle: [Optional] A string. Default "some RSS Title". Title of rssFeed.
- rssLink: [Optional] string: Default 'nothing.com'. <link> on generated rss
- rssDescription: [Optional] A string. Default "Some RSS Description".
- rssFilename: [Optional] A string. Default 'rssdownloadfeed.xml'.
- Where to save generated rss
- saveFile: [Optional] A string option. Default savedstate.dat. History data.
- lockPort: [Optional] An integer option. Default 8023. Port to lock saveFile
- daemonInfo: [Optional] A string. Default daemon.info. PID written here.
- umask: [Optional] An integer option. Default 077 in octal.
- Sets umask for file creation. PRIOR TO 0.4.0 this was read as BASE10.
- It is now read as octal like any sane program would.
- Do not edit this if you do not know what it does.
- debug: [Optional] A boolean option. Default False. If rssdler is attached to
- a console-like device and this is True, will enter into a post-mortem
- debug mode.
- rss: DEPRECATED, will no longer be processed.
- error: DEPRECATED, wil no longer be processed.
-Thread options:
- link: [Required] A string option. Link to the rss feed.
- active: [Optional] A boolean option. Default True. Whether Feed is scanned.
- maxSize: [Optional] An integer option, in MB. default is None.
- A thread based maxSize like in global. If set to None, will default to
- global's maxSize.
- Other values override global, including 0 to indicate no maxSize.
- minSize: [Optional] An integer opton, in MB. default is None.
- A thread based minSize, like in global. If set to None, will default to
- global's minSize.
- Other values override global, including 0 to indicate no minSize.
- noSave: [Optional] Boolean. Default: False. True: Never download seen files
- directory: [Optional] A string option. Default to None. If set,
- overrides global's downloadDir, directory to download download objects.
- checkTime<x>Day: [Optional] A string option. Scan only on specified day
- Either the standard 3 letter abbreviation of the day of the week,
- or the full name. One of Three options that will specify a scan time.
- the <x> is an integer.
- checkTime<x>Start: [Optional] An integer option. Default: 0.
- The hour (0-23) at which to start scanning on correlated day.
- MUST specify checkTime<x>Day.
- checkTime<x>Stop: [Optional] An integer option. Default 23.
- The hour (0-23) at which to stop scanning on correlated day.
- MUST specify checkTime<x>Day.
- regExTrue: [Optional] A string option. Default None. Case insensitive
- If specified, will only download if a regex search of the download name
- regExTrueOptions: [Optional] STRING. Default None. Python re.OPTIONS
- regExFalse: [Optional] A string (regex) option. Default None.
- If specified, will only download if pattern not in name
- regExFalseOptions: [Optional] A string option. Default None. re.OPTIONS
- postDownloadFunction: [Optional] A string option. Default None.
- The name of a function, stored in userFunctions.py found in the current
- working directory. Any changes to this requires a restart of RSSDler.
- Calls the named function in userFunctions after a successful download
- with arguments: directory, filename, rssItemNode, retrievedLink,
- downloadDict, threadName. Exception handling is up to the function,
- no exceptions are caught. Check docstrings (or source) of
- userFunctHandling and callUserFunction to see reserved words/access to
- RSSDler functions/classes/methods.
- preScanFunction: [Optional] See postScanFunction, only before scan.
- postScanFunction: [Optional] A string option. Default None.
- The name of a function, stored in userFunctions.py. Any changes to this
- requires a restart of RSSDler. Calls the named function after a scan of
- a feed with arguments, page, ppage, retrievedLink, and threadName.
- Exception Handling is up to the function, no exceptions are caught.
- Check docstrings of userFunctHandling and callUserFunctions for more
- information.
- The following options are ignored if not set (obviously). But once set,
- they change the behavior of regExTrue (RET) and regExFalse (REF).
- Without specifying these options, if something matches RET and doesn't
- match REF, it is downloaded, i.e. RET and REF constitute sufficient
- conditions to download a file. Once these are specified, RET and REF
- become necessary (well, when download<x>(True|False) are set to True,
- or a string for False) but not sufficient conditions for any given
- download. If you set RET/REF to None, they are of course ignored and
- fulfill their 'necessity.' You can specify these options as many times
- as you like, by just changing <x> to another number.
- download<x>: [Optional] No default. Where <x> is an integer,
- This is a 'positive' hit regex. This is required for download<x>true and
- download<x>false.
- download<x>False: [Optional] Default = True.
- However, this is not strictly a boolean option. True means you want to
- keep regExFalse against download<x>. If not, set to False, and there
- will be no 'negative' regex that will be checked against. You can also
- set this to a string (i.e. a regex) that will be a negative regex ONLY
- for the corresponding download<x>. Most strings are legal, however the
- following False/True/Yes/No/0/1 are reserved words when used alone and
- are interpreted, in a case insensitive manner as Boolean arguments.
- Requires a corresponding download<x> argument.
- download<x>True. [Optional] A Boolean option. default True. True checks
- against regExTrue. False ignores regExTrue. Requires a corresponding
- download<x> argument.
- download<x>Dir. [Optional] A String option. Default None. If specified, the
- first of the download<x> tuples to match up with the download name,
- downloads the file to the directory specified here. Full path is
- recommended.
- download<x>Function. [Optional] A String option. Default None. just like
- postDownloadFunction, but will override it if specified.
- download<x>MinSize. [Optional]. An Integer option. Default None.
- Analogous to minSize.
- download<x>MaxSize. [Optional]. An integer option. Default None.
- Analogous to maxSize.
- scanMins [Optional]. An integer option. Default 0. Sets the MINIMUM
- interval at which to scan the thread. If global is set to, say, 5, and
- thread is set to 3, the thread will still only be scanned every 5
- minutes. Alternatively, if you have the thread set to 7 and global to 5,
- the actual interval will be 10. More formally, the effective scan time
- for each thread is:
- for X = global scanMins, Y = thread scanMins, Z = ttl Mins:
- min{nX | nX >= Y ; nX >= Z ; n ∈ ℕ }
- checkTime: DEPRECATED. Will no longer be processed.
- Programmers Note:
- download<x>* stored in a DownloadItemConfig() Dict in .downloads.
- checkTime* stored as tuple of (DoW, startHour, endHour)
-Most options can be altered during runtime (i.e. by editing then saving the
- config file. Those that require a restart include:
- - config file location
- - verbosity/logging level ; log file location
- - daemonInfo
- - debug
- - changes to userFunctions
-A Netscape cookies file must have the proper header that looks like this:
-# HTTP Cookie File
-# http://www.netscape.com/newsref/std/cookie_spec.html
-# This is a generated file! Do not edit.
-cookiedata ....
-RSSDler - RSS Broadcatcher
-Copyright (C) 2007, 2008, lostnihilist
-This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
-it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
-the Free Software Foundation; under version 2 of the license.
-This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
-but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
-GNU General Public License for more details.
-Contact for problems, bugs, and/or feature requests:
- http://groups.google.com/group/rssdler or
- http://code.google.com/p/rssdler/issues/list or
-Author: lostnihilist <lostnihilist _at_ gmail _dot_ com> or
-"lostnihilist" on #libtorrent@irc.worldforge.org
diff --git a/net-news/rssdler/metadata.xml b/net-news/rssdler/metadata.xml
deleted file mode 100644
index 55b18b9..0000000
--- a/net-news/rssdler/metadata.xml
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,9 +0,0 @@
-<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "http://www.gentoo.org/dtd/metadata.dtd">
- <maintainer type="person">
- <email>jamesbroadhead@gmail.com</email>
- <name>James Broadhead</name>
- </maintainer>
diff --git a/net-news/rssdler/rssdler-0.4.2.ebuild b/net-news/rssdler/rssdler-0.4.2.ebuild
deleted file mode 100644
index e159fd6..0000000
--- a/net-news/rssdler/rssdler-0.4.2.ebuild
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,45 +0,0 @@
-# Copyright 1999-2016 Gentoo Foundation
-# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
-# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/net-news/rawdog/rawdog-2.13.ebuild,v 1.9 2011/01/07 00:32:29 ranger Exp $
-inherit distutils
-DESCRIPTION="Automatically fetches objects from RSS feeds, such as podcasts or torrents"
-KEYWORDS="~amd64 ~x86"
-# Version number without separators
-src_install() {
- distutils_src_install
- dodoc README || die
- newman "${FILESDIR}/rssdler.man" rssdler.1 || die
-pkg_postinst() {
- elog 'For an intial config file, run the following as a normal user:'
- elog ' $ C="${HOME}/.rssdler/config.txt"'
- elog ' $ mkdir -p `dirname $C`'
- elog ' $ ! [ -f $C ] && rssdler --comment-config > $C'
- elog ' $ nano $C'
- echo
- elog 'If you encounter problems with referers or redirects, installing'
- elog ' dev-python/mechanize is recommended. See man rssdler for more'
- echo