BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterupdate py ver for haPaul Healy4 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysupdate py ver for haHEADmasterPaul Healy3-113/+6
4 daysrevbump pynetgear and fix py verPaul Healy2-4/+4
4 daysrevbump k8 ebuild, fix py verPaul Healy2-2/+36
4 daysremove old k8 ebuildPaul Healy1-34/+0
4 daysremove filelock from overlayPaul Healy2-23/+0
4 daysremove local ansible-lint from overlayPaul Healy2-39/+0
6 daysremove old zoom ebuildPaul Healy2-82/+0
6 daysbump zoomPaul Healy2-0/+82
8 days add piper with py3.9Paul Healy2-0/+38
8 daysadd libratbag with py3.9Paul Healy2-0/+85