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+DIST junglediskworkgroup3160.tar.gz 9776478 RMD160 5a7666fd97b77e5acb669266c76cd09ddb6aa2e4 SHA1 a23353c99b2354f558a33e86bffb86323e1a8596 SHA256 6cad2f4bde4530d2fa1d466e1da9a9e400b351bc2bc21109ce7ec79b173f8fe5
+DIST junglediskworkgroup64-3160.tar.gz 10053362 RMD160 e8e521091ce86dfc095bbe4a61ba58716489872f SHA1 d1adc798558ac2686f232b50f7f83a775dca65ff SHA256 1c5ef6afd5eef5f34bb096b7792e26962c3e82be9caaa11386912bde1b90bf36
+EBUILD junglediskworkgroup-3.16.ebuild 3940 RMD160 0bdf797b98ed80dbded5351fc1a17bc909e0eba1 SHA1 5d0bd1bae2bacf30ea7ebbed51709bbdfbd59768 SHA256 92f6467a6da80a97f1675060bc964508fc95320000713153774d42b58444824e
+MISC metadata.xml 235 RMD160 87757f9ef9a2e9aba6b5a821e890d9402c419dcf SHA1 76e5aed381efb463bce230fd8404f59700e05e4e SHA256 b028713ffa8477f7bac52f8483b90f31aab061d8f81ad20127f20a45126ac02d
diff --git a/net-fs/junglediskworkgroup/junglediskworkgroup-3.16.ebuild b/net-fs/junglediskworkgroup/junglediskworkgroup-3.16.ebuild
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+++ b/net-fs/junglediskworkgroup/junglediskworkgroup-3.16.ebuild
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+# Copyright 1999-2005 Gentoo Foundation
+# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
+# $Header: $
+inherit eutils
+DESCRIPTION="Networked storage/backup using Amazon's S3 service."
+SRC_URI="x86? ( ${SRC_URI_BASE}/${PN}${MY_PV}.tar.gz )
+ amd64? ( ${SRC_URI_BASE}/${PN}64-${MY_PV}.tar.gz ) "
+KEYWORDS="-* ~x86 ~amd64"
+ x11-libs/libXinerama
+ x11-libs/libX11
+ x11-libs/gtk+
+ dev-libs/atk
+ dev-libs/glib
+ x11-libs/cairo
+ sys-apps/attr
+ sys-apps/acl
+ x11-libs/libnotify
+ !net-fs/junglediskdesktop
+ !net-fs/junglediskserver"
+RESTRICT="binchecks strip"
+src_install() {
+ exeinto /opt/${PN}
+ doexe junglediskworkgroup junglediskwg
+ dosym /opt/${PN}/junglediskwg /opt/bin/junglediskwg
+ dosym /opt/${PN}/junglediskworkgroup /opt/bin/junglediskworkgroup
+ dosym /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
+ insinto /usr/share/pixmaps
+ doins junglediskworkgroup.png
+ dodoc INSTALL
+ make_desktop_entry /opt/bin/${PN} "Jungle Disk Wokgroup" \
+ /usr/share/pixmaps/${PN}.png "Application;Network;"
+pkg_postinst() {
+ echo
+ elog "- You can view the release notes at:"
+ elog ""
+ echo
+ elog "- Jungle Disk attempts to locate your web browser"
+ elog "automatically when clicking links in the software."
+ elog "If it does not find your preferred web browser, simply"
+ elog "create a symlink to your browser named: "
+ elog "~/.jungledisk/browser"
+ echo
+ elog "If you have configured automatic mounting, your Jungle Disk Workgroup will be mounted"
+ elog "at the specified directory (default: ~/jungledisk). You can pass additional "
+ elog "FUSE parameters after the mount point in the configuration. For example:"
+ echo
+ elog "/mnt/jungledisk -o allow_other"
+ echo
+ elog "By default, the jungledisk volume will only be accessible by the user who"
+ elog "mounted it. If you want to allow root or other users to access the mount you need to use"
+ elog "the FUSE options '-o allow_root' or '-o allow_other'. You may also need to set"
+ elog "the umask, as in '-o umask=007'."
+ echo
+ elog "Note that if you are not a root user, you must have permission to use the"
+ elog "FUSE filesystem to mount your Jungle Disk Workgroup (see above)."
+ echo
+ elog "Although less reliable than FUSE, you can also access the disk via any WebDAV "
+ elog "client:"
+ echo
+ elog "-- To connect to your Jungle Disk Workgroup in KDE, just open a Konquerer window and type"
+ elog "'webdav://localhost:2667/'. In GNOME, select 'Connect to Server' under the"
+ elog "Places menu."
+ elog "-- Set the Service type to WebDAV (HTTP)."
+ elog "-- Enter 'localhost' in the server and '2667' for the port."
+ echo
+ elog "Using rsync with Jungle Disk Workgroup:"
+ elog "Once running and mounted on the local file system, you can use rsync to easily"
+ elog "copy files to and from your S3 storage. Most rsync options should work fine,"
+ elog "however for best performance we recommend using the --inplace option which"
+ elog "avoids extra renames."
+ echo
+ elog "You should also use the --times (-t) option so that modification times are"
+ elog "replicated and used to detect changes. If you prefer not to replicate"
+ elog "modification times, you may want to use --checksum (-c) or --size-only to"
+ elog "prevent files from being re-copied on every run."
+ echo
+ elog "Sample command lines:"
+ elog "# copy all files and attributes (times/permissions/owners/links/etc)"
+ elog "rsync -a --inplace /src/* /mnt/jungledisk"
+ elog "# copy only normal files and preserve modification times"
+ elog "rsync -t -r --inplace /src/* /mnt/jungledisk"
+ elog "# copy only file data and use size to determine changes"
+ elog "rsync -r --size-only --inplace /src/* /mnt/jungledisk"
diff --git a/net-fs/junglediskworkgroup/metadata.xml b/net-fs/junglediskworkgroup/metadata.xml
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+++ b/net-fs/junglediskworkgroup/metadata.xml
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
+ <email></email>