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-rw-r--r--app-editors/sublime-text/sublime-text-2_rc2181.ebuild (renamed from app-editors/sublime-text/sublime-text-2181.ebuild)3
4 files changed, 44 insertions, 12 deletions
diff --git a/app-editors/sublime-text/Manifest b/app-editors/sublime-text/Manifest
index 7bffc09..fbb6fd5 100644
--- a/app-editors/sublime-text/Manifest
+++ b/app-editors/sublime-text/Manifest
@@ -2,5 +2,5 @@ DIST Sublime%20Text%202%20Build%202181%20x64.tar.bz2 5595692 SHA256 7b15a641efcd
DIST Sublime%20Text%202%20Build%202181.tar.bz2 5528787 SHA256 a591d30211b4d61ffc0498c0457c83ec31178b74a38e9228e89112c3b86cb09f
DIST Sublime%20Text%202.0.1%20x64.tar.bz2 5664664 SHA256 858df93325334b7c7ed75daac26c45107e0c7cd194d522b42a6ac69fae6de404 SHA512 d079040e1801a1e288f4dbc079ece850c54f5c71a92809bbfc8718a1cab7414dc8f3ac82ce5db1647c97317001ec9151223f70b5c942ed4dc550d26b778089b5 WHIRLPOOL 5add3f473ba0def312e6cad300c7529e654554ed539782fbf3de66fc31c612537312715cb5e70695293b8d3c727438fe09ea7f73039fc1dfb92b71e720294b0a
DIST Sublime%20Text%202.0.1.tar.bz2 5587508 SHA256 4e752da357fbaf41b74e45e2caaea5c07813216c273b6f8770abd5621daddbf4 SHA512 7d64e97a24477bf10c7cda2803917975d2d982fe4e0a6b2c7b0ffb17c82b4c7c11044db0ff8bb5e919478a985041dc16827bd44ee996ef0bf6db318ec4562546 WHIRLPOOL 2f12aecadc647e4312a1417bfc589f7b31eed51576c3e1eb1d294c20907e0005b30a46497aa42c9b3ba26395c40d146452a6fd2fc0454ee634e92bf4217743e3
-EBUILD sublime-text-2.0.1.ebuild 1079 SHA256 34d077dd087c31813de6bb8f75200546f10c3d81460ce2534c753b9e2bd54aa3 SHA512 100d89a1e18d06d9a372b602bdfcf8f2dc0ae10704da71614438706303a96a79fc35b414f5a11ae39a5e635de01ca6153bb64d2f9515311c6ae3a6e2a9702bcb WHIRLPOOL ada9777c4c03391bc33d054344801883b1630ad8c50ee78adb2d0187b57dfbca94c869d9e76c25ac85148f56eebfe54a4f50b8d8c94888c2995337f5bfd7b0d2
-EBUILD sublime-text-2181.ebuild 1091 SHA256 f1b47851512b2a774d928318a8cae4d89dba8954d32a73c3d25d9c0a50376714 SHA512 e75a199dc1fcf9f9afa0370488323dc704f356ac245f248e8d6880f058843ecade5b6f79517f0af50bc3353420eb00bbbe6d0e46d8cdb8b1ac7cb3b7c999848a WHIRLPOOL 5b7251427d38671278d49c95ade6b7307ae5cff0e05d950174191f4f1d33d4fe4702852e624b0083a5fd1fc813014aa9d5dc76ab7ce03163a3347c1a1dc3c2de
+EBUILD sublime-text-2.0.1.ebuild 1282 SHA256 2be273bef330520c2e1980878a3230417fed2eb41f67791abc59bfc29be0fce4 SHA512 3498cfb111d2bda8a04666a56320d04e6f63ab2c56f07f35e335bc00d4f5f774c8d43e77f6dda0674cb844fa3f34e1b9c41cad3fcbefa24c0546c7b4c70bbd43 WHIRLPOOL 595653bea7fc5c253bda2b9d12812232a499516a772aa3b7b38019789e04023c0058d991435febf3779ec24e65014bf580c9d051a6a66c7079df8e4332494d32
+EBUILD sublime-text-2_rc2181.ebuild 1110 SHA256 b70b1575d2623cd7dc97899c1a1be52830b11cfc1f5730659870a6725e3fc405 SHA512 fdbab51f0d8f610c488965857be06106a6ace433e65d0c84c7d6eecdb0e0bd33bb74ef2d10a9d5a8ffda45845bcae13f35813a6957d7eeb88691c2b600a547c7 WHIRLPOOL 7a0c8d9269f95440a9303ae0a127d9a8af1d5863d615b48456564da97f879a97d027c0ffff38dd57e754c02245008d40d850950702073c3e6bd7cea0398c5431
diff --git a/app-editors/sublime-text/sublime-text-2.0.1.ebuild b/app-editors/sublime-text/sublime-text-2.0.1.ebuild
index 05fa03e..f55087c 100644
--- a/app-editors/sublime-text/sublime-text-2.0.1.ebuild
+++ b/app-editors/sublime-text/sublime-text-2.0.1.ebuild
@@ -2,8 +2,9 @@
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $
+# needed by make_desktop_entry
inherit eutils
@@ -18,21 +19,26 @@ LICENSE="Sublime"
KEYWORDS="~amd64 ~x86"
- media-libs/libpng:1.2
src_install() {
insinto /opt/${PN}
into /opt/${PN}
exeinto /opt/${PN}
- doins -r "Sublime Text 2/lib"
- doins -r "Sublime Text 2/Pristine Packages"
- doins "Sublime Text 2/"
- doins "Sublime Text 2/"
- doexe "Sublime Text 2/sublime_text"
+ doins -r "lib"
+ doins -r "Pristine Packages"
+ doins ""
+ doins ""
+ doexe "sublime_text"
dosym "/opt/${PN}/sublime_text" /usr/bin/subl
+ # Icon and .desktop for sublime-text
+ for icon in $(find Icon -name '*.png') ; do
+ insinto /usr/share/`dirname $icon | sed 's/Icon/icons\/hicolor/'`/apps
+ doins $icon
+ done
+ dosym ../icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/sublime_text.png usr/share/pixmaps/sublime_text.png
make_desktop_entry "subl %U" "Sublime Text Editor" "accessories-text-editor" "Application;TextEditor" "MimeType=text/plain;"
diff --git a/app-editors/sublime-text/sublime-text-2181.ebuild b/app-editors/sublime-text/sublime-text-2_rc2181.ebuild
index 209ccc0..2689155 100644
--- a/app-editors/sublime-text/sublime-text-2181.ebuild
+++ b/app-editors/sublime-text/sublime-text-2_rc2181.ebuild
@@ -6,8 +6,9 @@ EAPI="3"
inherit eutils
+MY_PV=${PV: -4}
DESCRIPTION="Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose"
diff --git a/licenses/Sublime b/licenses/Sublime
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..3537356
--- /dev/null
+++ b/licenses/Sublime
@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
+The SOFTWARE PRODUCT (SUBLIME TEXT) is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed, not sold.
+ SUBLIME TEXT is licensed as follows:
+ Installation and Usage.
+ Licenses are per user and valid for use on all supported operating systems. License keys may be used on multiple computers and operating systems, provided the license key holder is the primary user. Businesses must purchase at least as many licenses as the number of people using SUBLIME TEXT.
+ Backup Copies.
+ You may make copies of the license key and or SUBLIME TEXT for backup and archival purposes.
+ Maintenance of Copyright Notices.
+ You must not remove or alter any copyright notices on any copy of SUBLIME TEXT.
+ Distribution.
+ You may not distribute or sell license keys or SUBLIME TEXT to third parties. Licenses will be revoked if distributed or sold to third parties.
+ Rental.
+ You may not rent, lease, or lend the license key or SUBLIME TEXT.
+ All title, including but not limited to copyrights, in and to SUBLIME TEXT and any copies thereof are owned by SUBLIME HQ PTY LTD.
+ SUBLIME HQ PTY LTD expressly disclaims any warranty for SUBLIME TEXT, which is provided 'as is' without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness of a particular purpose.
+ In no event shall SUBLIME HQ PTY LTD be liable for any damages due to use of SUBLIME TEXT, to the maximum extent permitted by law. This includes without limitation, lost profits, business interruption, or lost information. In no event will SUBLIME HQ PTY LTD be liable for loss of data or for indirect, special, incidental, consequential (including lost profit), or other damages. SUBLIME HQ PTY LTD shall have no liability with respect to the content of SUBLIME TEXT or any part thereof, including but not limited to errors or omissions contained therein, libel, trademark rights, business interruption, loss of privacy or the disclosure of confidential information.