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* removed sublime-text ebuilds in favor of sublime-text overlayDavid Crandall2015-05-067-288/+0
* Slotted versions 2 and 3David Crandall2013-12-193-0/+98
* added sublime text 3 beta 3059 ebuildDavid Crandall2013-12-172-0/+52
* really added layout.conf and sublime-text-2.0.2.eguilcDavid Crandall2013-12-171-0/+45
* added layout.conf and sublime-text-2.0.2.overlayDavid Crandall2013-12-171-0/+3
* added "S" to 2.0.1 ebuildDavid Crandall2012-08-262-1/+2
* added Sublime license; modified sublime 2.0.1 to EAPI4 with iconDavid Crandall2012-08-253-12/+19
* added ebuild for Sublime Text 2.0.1David Crandall2012-08-232-3/+44
* initial commitDavid Crandall2012-07-082-0/+41