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* created gde profile; added separate systemd profiles for gde and knomeDavid Crandall2014-03-215-2/+10
* knome now points to gnome and kde profiles instead of targets; also included ...David Crandall2014-03-201-2/+3
* Backed out changeset cda3572014faDavid Crandall2014-03-201-2/+2
* changed knome parent pointers to relativeDavid Crandall2014-03-201-2/+2
* added profiles.desc for knome profileDavid Crandall2014-03-201-0/+1
* added experimental custom profile combining kde and gnomeDavid Crandall2014-03-201-0/+2
* initial commitDavid Crandall2012-07-081-0/+1