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* Removed obsolete playonlinux; added qemu-0.13 with Red Hat patches to support...Iskren Slavov2011-02-0912-92/+12516
* Add MadEdit-0.2.9 and latest PlayOnLinux-3.8.3 ebuildsIskren Slavov2010-10-042-0/+92
* Removed old wine (in portage)Iskren Slavov2010-06-203-240/+0
* Updated flush. Added trickle. Some small fixesIskren Slavov2010-06-203-0/+240
* removed qbittorrent-2.2.6, wine-1.1.43 (in official portage now)Iskren Slavov2010-04-214-261/+0
* add wine-1.1.43, add lirc-0.8.6-r3 (compiles with kernel 2.6.33+)Iskren Slavov2010-04-194-0/+261