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* testing/dev-db/{libpq,postgresql}-8.1*: eliminate gnuconfig_update as per bug...heracles2007-07-294-22/+10
* dev-db/{libpq,postgresql}-8.2.4*: eliminate gnuconfig_update as per bug #160178heracles2007-07-294-20/+10
* dev-db/postgresql: Added 'kernel_linux' to IUSE (bug #161980)Tiziano Müller2007-07-117-29/+35
* Added libpq and postgresql from the tree to fix a couple of bugsTiziano Müller2007-07-1155-0/+5982
* Update ChangeLog for dev-db/pgpooljohnjay2007-04-061-0/+5
* dev-db/pgpool: Version bump to 3.2.0johnjay2007-04-062-7/+55
* Typo fixedTiziano Müller2006-11-123-10/+10
* Added new ebuild for the pgadmin3 "adminpack"Tiziano Müller2006-11-105-0/+120
* dev-db/pgadmin3: Moved into main treeTiziano Müller2006-09-234-80/+7
* dev-db/pgadmin3: Version bump.Tiziano Müller2006-09-234-4/+88
* dev-db/pgpool2: remove new line in descriptionjohnjay2006-09-152-6/+5
* dev-db/pgpool2: New packagejohnjay2006-09-134-0/+146
* dev-db/pgcluster: 1.5 tree additionjohnjay2006-09-0510-0/+468
* dev-db/pgpool: Version bump to 3.1.1johnjay2006-08-313-0/+49
* dev-db/slony1: Added upgrading steps/instructions for pkg_configjohnjay2006-08-141-3/+29
* dev-db/slony1: Adding slony1 1.2.0 RC3johnjay2006-08-144-0/+106
* dev-db/pgadmin3: Patching out --debug=yes/no specification for wx_config whic...Tiziano Müller2006-08-063-9/+26
* dev-db/pgpool: Variable positioning fixed. Fixed missing RDEPEND. Added meani...CHTEKK2006-07-303-17/+24
* dev-db/pgadmin3: Variable positioning consistency.CHTEKK2006-07-303-9/+12
* dev-db/pgpool: Version bump to 3.0.2johnjay2006-07-276-0/+300
* dev-db/pgadmin3: Add cd "${S}". They are not really required, but imo make or...CHTEKK2006-07-243-8/+16
* dev-db/pgadmin3: Fix KEYWORDS. Update style. Delete RESTRICT="mirror", the li...CHTEKK2006-07-244-26/+25
* dev-db/pgadmin3: Version bump to 1.4.3Tiziano Müller2006-07-225-0/+192